2014-06-18 CCC IBC Ride

The wind started 16G25, which was tough enough, but we hung off of the A-group most of the way. We made the first loop, but as we came up to Belt Line, the clouds had filled in, lightning in the distance, and painful rain spatters began. We ended the ride with the winds reported 24G32.

I wasn’t really feeling like riding, so yay, maybe? I made it home in time to join the family in watching “The Starving Games”. It is to the “Hunger Games” what “Spaceballs” was to “Star wars”.

Later in the evening, I tried to swap cranks for Mark. What a huge pain in the rump. His front derailleur wouldn’t work with a 50/39/30. The FDs I had available are all top pull and his frame ONLY supports bottom pull due to bottle holder mounts. So, to at least try *something* to fix his chain skipping issue, I dismantled his cranks and deburred both sides of every tooth on the middle ring.

Lo! And Behold! No more chain skipping. Spent about 15 mins perfecting the trim on the FD, because his chainrings are very slightly warped (probably the whole cranks). Then, adjusting the read derailleur to prevent skipping. Really, we need to zero out his cable, but I was tired. It *seems* like it may be back in business for him with no new parts.


77.5 Rider’s Height (inches)
38.7 Rider’s Age (years)
28.1 Cyclist’s Body Fat (Percent)
264 Cyclist’s Weight (lbs), dressed
32 Bike’s Weight (lbs), with water and tools
16.5 Average Speed (mph) (add 43% of wind speed here for a SWAG)
19 Wind Speed (mph). Excludes gusts.
10.2 Miles Traveled
469 Total Ascent
0.6182 Hours (calculated)
1097 Food Energy in kCalories ( Net work 260.6 kCal or 0.3031 KWH or 1033 BTU )
490.3 Average Watts

Distance: 10.20 mi
Calories: 1,097 C

Time: 37:08
Moving Time: 36:57
Elapsed Time: 44:26

Avg Speed: 16.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 16.6 mph
Max Speed: 26.9 mph

Elevation Gain: 469 ft
Elevation Loss: 499 ft
Min Elevation: 461 ft
Max Elevation: 579 ft

Avg HR: 137 bpm
Max HR: 160 bpm

Avg Power: 490 W
Max Power: 1,300 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 498 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 83 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 105 rpm

Avg Temperature: 83.0 °F
Min Temperature: 72.0 °F
Max Temperature: 94.0 °F


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