2014-02-12 Test Ride Backup Bike

Testing out the Nashbar CX with the drops, travel savers, and squeaky BB.

Need a proper BB tool, as mine likes to slip off. Also, my torque wrench for over 120 inch pounds doesn’t click.

Also need to put a proper seat on this. The big, cushy seat is too slippery. More for jeans. Need something for actual cycling. Probably one of the crummy ones I have, plus a tight fitting gel cover.

Also, the current gearing is WAY too easy on it. I have an 11-32 (34?) on the rear, and a compact double on the front with 39/50. I have a 52 and a 53 chainring for the outer position on this.

Alternatively, moving to a single 44 was a possible plan.

Need to figure out why my HR, cadence, and speed sensors on the backup bike didn’t show up.

Distance: 0.63 mi
Calories: 55 C

Time: 4:27
Moving Time: 4:24
Elapsed Time: 8:13

Avg Speed: 8.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 8.6 mph
Max Speed: 18.9 mph

Min Elevation: 573 ft
Max Elevation: 595 ft

Avg Temperature: 45.5 °F
Min Temperature: 42.6 °F
Max Temperature: 48.2 °F


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