Went to Twin Coves and tried to follow trails. Couldn’t connect to the trails from 2013-06-23, but across the cul-du-sac I could get close. Going the other way, I could get part way, but then there was a no-bike trail. Past that were yards, but no shoreline trail. Off the tip was a small trail made by a tractor mower. Someone framed a playhouse about 6 months ago and stopped.

The streets from there were expensive houses with their own lake access. I found a drop down, but very little other trails. On the last spoke trail, I found a grave marked Josh, on an outcropping. Trenzalore anyone? The rest took me through a few other neighborhood streets, and then back home. Next ride will have to be down highland village road and through those neighborhoods, but I’m disappointed there isn’t a contiguous trail along the shore.

I found that I’m a camel, and don’t need a ton of water… about 300ml per hour at 80F in 70% shade. What I do need is COLD water. I tested out my 2L hydration pack full of ice, then topped off with water. Still ice in it after 2 hours, and the cold water didn’t keep me from being exhausted, but it did keep me from coming home half dead, heart pounding, etc. I think I’ll skip the bottle next ride, and just use the pack.

Also, I found Strava fails if you have an ampersand in your GPX file’s title field. Also, it fails to post to Facebook. Garmin Connect is nice, but I couldn’t find a share option. MMR seems most socially integrated, though I like the heat maps on Garmin’s site.


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