Ultimate Personality – Secret Agent

What makes you a Secret Agent?

Your primary type is Thinker

Like other people with Thinker characteristics you are extremely sensitive to external stimuli. You tend to be extraordinarily aware of your surroundings — responding emotionally to small changes that others might not even notice. To combat feeling overwhelmed, you may like to move a bit more slowly and seek out calm environments that won't stress you out.

Intellectually, you like to dig deep into a problem to solve it — even when others grow impatient and move on to other subjects. As far as entertainment goes, you gravitate toward media that is sentimental and peaceful — you like feel-good stories. You are more likely than others to be interested in books, inspirational media, self-improvement and arts and crafts.

Deep Down
If there is a change in the air, Thinker, nobody is more aware of it than you. You have an unusually refined sensitivity to subtle changes in your environment and from time to time, this can manifest as a fear that the worst is going to happen. You may have a tendency to be constantly on guard because you ultimately are working to prevent a perceived catastrophe from happening.

Your secondary type is Seeker

People with Seeker characteristics have a thirst for highly stimulating experiences. They gravitate towards unpredictable situations and they thrive in those environments. Seekers would rather improvise than live by a strict calendar that adds structure to their daily life. They seek out ever-evolving experiences because they tend to find consistent routines boring and unstimulating.

Seekers also like to explore intellectually, which is why they tend to enjoy abstract thinking. With everything they do, Seekers enjoy the challenge of new situations. In terms of entertainment, they like media that is dark and edgy, flashy and loud, strange, and intellectual. They tend to be interested in activities that get them out in the world like the performing arts and new age spirituality.

How You Approach Life

You, Secret Agent, are an exceptionally observant individual with a thirst for adventure. You are extremely outgoing and prefer when life is less structured and more spontaneous. You wouldn't want to get stuck in a boring routine because it could limit your possibilities. At the same time, you prefer to savor your experiences and not get caught up in chaotic moments that prevent you from learning from the moment. You approach each day as new, enjoy the unpredictable, and thrive in environments where you can do your best observing — away from the center of attention.

You are smart and shrewd and enjoy pondering life's mysteries — mysteries that you like to share with only the closest of your friends. You are also a deeply caring person full of energy and ideas. Because you are so sensitive to external stimuli, you sometimes worry too much about how you compare to others, or when something seems to be going differently from how you had planned.

You tend to stick with the familiar rather than readjust to new emotions or environments. But on occasions when you feel especially confident and spontaneous, you sometimes have to suppress your desire to do something kooky in public.

Professionally, you like to work at jobs that allow you to manage yourself and interact, primarily, with yourself. You like structure and order and work well in that type of environment. You prefer to concentrate on the task at hand and avoid distractions, because otherwise, you can sometimes feel a little frazzled. When left to your exacting standards, you can bet that your final product is going to be top-rate.

Your areas of greatest vulnerability

Your greatest vulnerability is that your senses are on overdrive, soaking in anything and everything from the environment. Things that others might not notice sometimes can send you reeling. The reason this makes you vulnerable is that it can affect your ability to cope with the world effectively. Although your sensitivity is a wonderful asset, it can be scary knowing that you could be distracted at any time. If someone wants to push your buttons, they can go after this, because there's not much you can do to protect yourself from your own sensitivity. Be your best: Buffering yourself with quiet and calm situations will help, and recognizing and choosing friends and associates who respect your boundaries will also make things easier.

Take Action

You, more than others, may need a place that is all yours — a quiet spot where you can clear your head. Sometimes it can seem that the world around you is loud and chaotic: information can bombard you from every direction, and friends can be overly dramatic. Instead of letting it get to you, make sure you have a place to which you can retreat.

Remember that you can't change the nature of cities and the world, but there are ways you can cope with overwhelming situations. You can't control the outside world, but you can control how you function in it.

Try setting up a room in your house filled with comfort items, or finding a calm corner of a public library, or bench in the park you can call your own. This is your key to facing the noisy, fast-paced and often overwhelming world. So do what you need to do for yourself and take charge.

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