AIX and PowerHA versions 2017-06

This changes periodically, but for today, here is what I would do.

My PowerHA selection process would be:
* 7.1.3 SP06 if I needed to deploy quickly, because I have build docs for that.
* 7.1.4 doesn’t exist, but if it came out before deployment, I would consider it. Whichever was a newer release, latest 7.1.3 SP, or latest 7.1.4 SP.
* 7.2.0 SP03 if they wanted longer support, but had time for me to work up the new procedures during the install.
* 7.2.1 SP01 if SP01 came out before I deployed, and had chosen 7.2.0 prior. base is available, but that’s from Dec 2016, and is from May 2017. Newer by date is better.

My AIX selection process would be:
* Any NIM server would be AIX 7.2, latest TLSP.
* Any application support limits would win down to AIX 6.1, plus latest TLSP.
* For POWER9, I would push 7.2, latest TLSP.
* For POWER8, I would push 7.1 or later. — latest TLSP
* For POWER7, I would push 6.1 or later. — latest TLSP
* For POWER6 or older, or AIX 5.3 or older, I would push strongly against due to support and parts limitations.

Code sources:
* I would make sure to install yum from ezinstall, and deploy GNU tar and rsync:
* I would update openssh from the IBM Web Download expansion:
* If any exposure to the public net, or a high-sensitivity system, I would check AIX security patches also.;O=D
* I would get the latest service pack for both AIX and PowerHA from Fix Central:
* Base media, if I were certain the customer was entitled, but didn’t want to wait for them to provide media, Partnerworld SWAC:

Reference: PowerHA to AIX Support Matrix:

LED 0088 on NIM install & Upgrade

RE: LED 0088 on NIM install & Upgrade
When performing a NIM restore + upgrade at the same time, you have to run no-prompt.
You do this my editing the file from the mksysb,
then you define and allocate that as a NIM resource.

One of the things you have to do is provide the target disks.
If the target disks do not exist, such as only one LUN when you thought there were two, the LPAR will HANG with LED 0088

You might see something like this on the console:
Cannot run a 64-bit program until the 64-bit
environment has been configured. See the system administrator.
eval /usr/lpp/bosinst/bi_io -c < /dev/console Erasing Disks Please wait... Approximate Elapsed time % tasks complete (in minutes) 0042-008 NIMstate: Request denied - Method_req Or you might see

but nothing more. It will just hang there indefinitely.

Give it 30 mins before you call it hung, but you might want to do an RTE install so you can go to the menus and verify you have the right disks listed.

Sometimes, AIX migrations are a pain…

Mksysb\Migration Enabled

Running: Init_Target_Disks...
Running: Other_Initialization...
Running: Fill_Target_Stanzas...
Running: Check_Other_Stanzas...
Could not load program ls:
Cannot run a 64-bit program until the 64-bit
environment has been configured. See the system administrator.

This is because the default in 32-bit systems is to NOT load the 64-bit kernel. Just another line to override in the file:

So, the total list so far is:
CONTROL_FLOW stanza must be set as follows:

     INSTALL_METHOD = migrate
     PROMPT = no

target_disk_data should have one entry for each of hdisk0 and hdisk1

        PVID =
        CONNECTION =
        LOCATION =
        SIZE_MB =
        HDISKNAME = hdisk0