CV19 Update Sun 03-29

CV19 Pandemic Update for 2020-03-29 (Sunday Night).

Most of the numebrs are slowing down vs projections. On 03-24, our growth rate dropped from 135% to 123%, and the last 2 days have been in the 1-teens. TX lags by a couple days in that regard. We are stubborn. There are reports in the worst hit places of reaching a tipping point, but mostly in the highest density areas.

1-Day Projection: WW 736981/34604; PRC 82101/3302; NON 654880/31302; IT 98859/10999; US 145164/2596; TX 3112/35; ME 265/1
1-Day Distancing: WW 736981/34604; PRC 82101/3302; NON 654880/31302; IT 98859/10999; US 144607/2494; TX 2934/37; ME 265/1
2020-03-29 WW 720117/33925; PRC 82122/3304; NON 637995/30621; IT 97689/10779; US 140886/2467; TX 2792/37; ME 253/3
Reminder: PRC numbers are likely 1/6th of the actual due to creamatorium activity.

Social distancing rates have not been updated in a few days, but we are tracking similarly between the two formulae.

Found another error, so the estimates for testing and hospitalization were too high. One of my cells had a $ in it, so it did not change as I added new data.

1-Day US Testing: POS 126,269 NEG 659,435 PEND 70,178 HOSP 23,397 DEAD 2,585
20200329 POS 139,061 NEG 692,290 PEND 65,549 HOSP 19,730 DEAD 2,428

Fewer hospitalized now means fewer dead in 2 weeks.

2020-03-30 (Monday) Projections
1-Day Projection: WW 785,602/37,588; PRC 82,245/3,309; NON 703,357/34,279; IT 103,200/11,592; US 163,395/3,004; TX 3,175/46; ME 303/3
1-Day Distancing: US 164,555/2,970; TX 3,269/44

+1 Day US Testing POS 157,461 NEG 783,890 PEND 74,222 HOSP 24,311 DEAD 2,932

We are definitely slowing down. Look at the April 1 projection trends.

2020-04-01 7-day Projection April 1
7-Day Projection: WW 1,169,645/61,852; PRC 82,134/3,338; NON 1,087,512/58,514; IT 157,313/19,560; US 477,863/6,398; TX 9,131/162
4-day Projection: WW 1,097,956/54,118; PRC 82,357/3,321; NON 1,015,599/50,796; IT 132,717/16,052; US 333,315/5,929; TX 7,263/90; ME 468/5
3-day Projection: WW 1,017,269/50,218; PRC 82,428/3,321; NON 934,841/46,897; IT 124,403/14,738; US 278,237/5,179; TX 5,427/83; ME 426/5

The distancing formula has been tracking more consistently over the longer term.
7-Day Distancing: US 232,880/4,603; TX 5,875/72
4-day Distancing: US 237,600/4,513; TX 5,003/68
3-day Distancing: US 231,486/4,464; TX 4,761/68

Hospitalization rates are going down, while positive and total testing rates are going up.
7-Day US Testing: POS 134,035 NEG 728,160 PEND 100,028 HOSP 68,262 DEAD 4,770 Overrun: 04-06 335k
4-Day US Testing: POS 150,376 NEG 785,328 PEND 83,576 HOSP 64,012 DEAD 5,886 Overrun: 04-06 342k
3-Day US Testing: POS 164,152 NEG 817,199 PEND 77,376 HOSP 44,840 DEAD 4,592 Overrun: 04-09 408k

I am just giving the general overrun rate above. That is typically within 1 day of when the TX projections look bad, and tracking kinda bad vs super bad is a lot of effort.

Testing rates slowed a little, but not much.

Our mortality rate keeps climbing. 144, 155, 167, 175. TX just started the climb, 122 yesterday, and 133 today. Probably the spring break people. Average is 6 days to onset and 14 days from onset to death for those who do not survive.

Some good research is going on that promises to improve mortality rates.

Inflection point for outbreaks with an R0 of 2.2 is 60% of the population becoming immune. Divide that by whatever you think our detection rate is. I think we get about 38%, so maybe 75m people in the US showing as confirmed.

Social distancing data lags by 3-5 days. Statistics lag by 1 day. Detection lags by 9-12 days. Impact delay of SD on Confirmations MAY BE 9 days, or it may be longer. The correlation is hard to suss out, but it may be that it will become more evident as we get more days of data.

Spreadsheet is updated, and downloadable here: