2014-06-17 Ladies’ Ride


Sharon invited Karl, Mark and I to join the Ladies’ ride tonight. I wasn’t sure why at first. Then, the starting group was only 4 ladies and 3 guys, vs 10 last week. I thought maybe it was to fill the ranks. However, it was a pretty hard push. 15mph is not my peak effort, but more than I hoped for a recovery ride. Mark and Amanda bailed at the stop (Lewisville Theatre / art museum). I think maybe she invited us as much for personal competition/drive as anything else.

Anyway, the music was mediocre, but entertaining anyway. I had a couple snow cones, a footlong, water, diet coke, and 1.5 bottles of Cytomax Orange. Some gabbing about bike-tech, phone tech, and SharonMPH (in retrospect, it’s 15% higher than statute MPH). Amanda’s tickled by a lot of my normal, dorky comments, so that makes me happy. (One less groan!) It was funny seeing Kathy, Carol, Sharon and Amanda all doing the WOOT WOOT raver girl sound during one of the songs.

I enjoyed it, but I think the inherent competition (ie have to keep up!) of us guys on the ride defeats the purpose of a ladies’ recovery ride. If we ride faster and keep up, then Sharon rides even faster. We have more testosterone, so we build muscle faster, etc. Having one lady bail and 2 falling off the back when there’s Sharon and 2 guys up front probably isn’t friendly/fun for the non-competitive riders.

Inviting us along implies to me that maybe she’s getting restless with the ladies’ ride. She’s always competing against herself, and pushing to ride faster. She’s got a lot of miles already in her legs, so her ramp-up is equal to someone 20 years younger. I worry that she’ll either drive off the beginner ladies, or bail on the concept of a ladies-only ride within a couple months. HH100 is coming up, you know.

This is just my speculation. I read a lot into things, and despite my portrayal, I really do NOT know everything.

77.5 Rider’s Height (inches)
38.7 Rider’s Age (years)
28.1 Cyclist’s Body Fat (Percent)
264 Cyclist’s Weight (lbs), dressed
32 Bike’s Weight (lbs), with water and tools
15 Average Speed (mph) (add 43% of wind speed here for a SWAG)
16 Wind Speed (mph). Excludes gusts.
20 Miles Traveled
899 Total Ascent
1.333 Hours (calculated)
1925 Food Energy in kCalories ( Net work 457.1 kCal or 0.5316 KWH or 1813 BTU )
398.8 Average Watts

Distance: 19.95 mi
Calories: 1,925 C

Time: 1:18:52
Moving Time: 1:18:28
Elapsed Time: 2:22:20

Avg Speed: 15.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 15.3 mph
Max Speed: 30.7 mph

Elevation Gain: 899 ft
Elevation Loss: 899 ft
Min Elevation: 562 ft
Max Elevation: 716 ft

Avg HR: 142 bpm
Max HR: 171 bpm

Avg Power: 399 W
Max Power: 1,300 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 472 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 77 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 113 rpm

Avg Temperature: 95.1 °F
Min Temperature: 84.2 °F
Max Temperature: 100.4 °F


2013-11-20 Lunch Ride

Just a lunch ride to New China.
My L5/S1 pinched at the beginning, and that sucked. It’s still sore. That never happens.
Big headwind on the outbound, but tailwind on the return.
A little nippy with the wind – should have worn long sleeves.
I pushed fairly hard, but not super hard.
I had hot & sour soup, and 10 crab rangoons.
(normally it’s soup, 5 rangoons, and a lunch portion with fried ride).

Distance: 4.00 mi
Calories: 266 C

Time: 17:46
Moving Time: 17:14
Elapsed Time: 1:41:57

Avg Speed: 13.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 13.9 mph
Max Speed: 30.9 mph

Elevation Gain: 151 ft
Elevation Loss: 128 ft
Min Elevation: 567 ft
Max Elevation: 625 ft

Avg HR: 130 bpm
Max HR: 168 bpm

Avg Power: 131 W
Max Power: 1,114 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 131 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 67 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 103 rpm

Avg Temperature: 72.8 °F
Min Temperature: 68.0 °F
Max Temperature: 80.6 °F


Morning ride

The ride tjis morning was decent. I went down to Corp and Edmond, then back plus some neighborhood. Multiple sore spots in my right knee, lcl, pcl, medial meniscus, and quadraceps tendon at least. Add in various sore musklez.

Still, I got in abt 22 miles and over 1000 total elevation. Cooler temps helped a bunch. Only one bozo driver… and only one near wipeout, but a couple close calls with weird, excess curbs by crosswalks.

My summary is below. Since it’s iphone 4 vs ipadMini, sub out 4 miles per hour, and about 2500′ elevation per hour.