SVC, StorWize, FlashSystem, Spectrum Virtualize – replace a drive

When you replace a drive on one of these, mdisk arrays do not auto-rebuild.

If the GUI fix procedures go away, or never show up, or whatever causes the replacement drive to not get included as a new drive in the mdisk, you can do this manually.


First, look for the candidate or spare drive you want to use.

lsdrive | grep -v member


Then, make sure that drive ID is a candidate:

chdrive -use candidate 72


Then, find the missing member:

lsarraymember mdisk1 | grep -v exact


Then, set the new drive to use that missing member ID:

charraymember -member 31 -newdrive 72 mdisk1


You can watch the progress of the rebuild:

lsarraymemberprogress mdisk1

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