Things I learned today:
* If you are American, then it’s okay to go after you for 33 seconds of some song in the background of a video from a friend’s party.
* If you are not American, it’s okay to post the whole song online.
* Italy does not have “Fair Use” in their copyright laws, and everything is licensed, even blank recording media.
* YouTube does not have a way for individuals to restrict their videos to specific country’s viewers without joining a syndication network and signing distribution agreements.
Starchaser, aka Fausto Fanizza, has claimed that the 33 second chunk of this song in the background friend’s house while playing with a laser has caused him severe damages, and that it is not in fact fair use.  He claims he has no choice other than to fight my dispute, and that I better get a lawyer.  I said we always have a choice.  If he had asked for a couple hundred dollars, I would have happily sent that to him for the inconvenience.
Eventually, I was able to get the video unlocked, and I simply deleted it. It’s not worth the hassle of ever accidentally letting people know about his music if he’s going to come after me for more money than he’s ever made off of that song.

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