Garmin cycling categories

Under profile Cycling it asks for cycling classification number. What is that?

These are race categories.
* Recreational means someone who doesn’t race.
* Category 5 means new racer.
* Category 4 means you’ve completed 10 mass-start races.
* Category 3 means you earned 20-30 points as a cat-4 racer.
* Category 2 means you earned 30-40 points as a Cat-3 racer.
* Category 1 means you earned 35-50 poings as a Cat-2 racer.

As for “Open Category”, I’m not really sure. It looks like it’s a fuzzy term for elite racers, such as cat 2,1,pro together. It may include Cat 3 racers that were fit enough to compete with them, but didn’t have the points to upgrade yet.

Cat-1 upgrades require the involvement of the regional race coordinator, but lower levels can be done locally.

You can be downgraded after time, but never back to Cat-5.

There are several ways to earn points:
* Attending a USA Cycling education clinics
* Completing a race in the front pack
* Finishing in the top 10 of a race.

Road point values are listed here:

Mountain rankings are 3, 2, 1 and Pro.

Cyclocross rankings are 5-1 for men and 4-1 for women. There are conversion rights into and out of CX if you’re rated in MTB or Road.

Other groups and countries may have minor variances to this, but generally, the numbered categories are roughly equivalent.

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