First Road Flat

Had my first road flat today. Stopped on “Cripple Creek Ln” because of a tap tap tap on the rear tire. pulled out a 5/8 steel construction staple with blue plastic on it.

Pppssssssssssssss. center tread and easy to see. patch was okay, but the clear film on one dide of the patch does not come off. the foil side did, but the instructions did not say which side is the “backing” to remove.

It seemed to adhere and so both the tire and tube were patched, aired up, and still hard after another 5 miles.

Iphone says 25 miles, but based on my gps comparisons between this and ipad mini, I think this was more like 17.5 miles. Funny that after all this time, the crummy GPS is what makes me anxious to upgrade my pocket device.


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