Sony Disc 18 Dream

Dreamland had a big party and I don’t remember everything. Basically my grandparents Davis’ house, and the kitchen was a living room. All of the cabinets and where the stove were had a bunch more cabinets, and we had a lot of books and storage information.

I’d just met up with one of the two really tall guys that we all knew from the parallel universe. He had a Sony video recorder that used Disc 18 which was basically an 18 inch analog laser disk. It had a 10 inch LCD on the other side. It had a 1.8 inch camera lens on one of the edge near the corner.

It had hand straps on both sides so it was easy to hold while watching playback. The recording quality was excellent, but it was a little bit of an older unit. Everything had been replaced with digital and gotten more compact but the guy who had it really liked it and wasn’t ready to make the change.

Another one of the guys had a special type of mask that he was trying to use so that he would be allowed to formally date his girlfriend from the other universe, but he kept forgetting to wear it, and was probably going to get denied.

The mask had a patch of blue surgical mask fabric that covered almost the entire bridge of the nose as a sort of clamp to hold it in place. It had elastic straps down to a small patch that cover just the nostrils and then another elastic patch that maybe hung off the lip or something.

I’m having trouble remembering exactly but it seems like possibly everyone from both universes maybe had more than two nostrils. This is one of those things that you just kind of don’t remember the details because it is so mundane.

It was all very vivid and probably spawned by some memories from when I looked up my moms house on Google Maps the other day, as there were similar memory feels, and vivid connections between the houses.

Spectrum Protect (TSM) Operations Center on Ubuntu LTS

Per IBM, the Spectrum Protect server is supported on Ubuntu LTS 14, 16, 18, and 20 (aka 2014.04, 2016.04, etc.)

However, Operations Center (web GUI) is not supported on Ubuntu, only RHEL and SLES.

./ -c
Validating package prerequisites...
=====> IBM Installation Manager> Update> Prerequisites
Validation results:
* [ERROR] IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center 8.1.12000.20210326_0723 contains validation errors.
1. ERROR: The operating system on which you are installing the product is not supported. For more information, see

Enter the number of the error or warning message above to view more details.

To skipp the OS and platform checks, and convert the ERROR into WARNING:

./ -c -vmargs "-DBYPASS_TSM_REQ_CHECKS=true"
Validation results:
* [WARNING] IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center 8.1.12000.20210326_0723 contains validation warning.
1. WARNING: The operating system on which you are installing the product is not supported. For more information, see

Enter the number of the error or warning message above to view more details.

I recommend ONLY install/update Operations Center with this, and then exit and go back in normally to make sure the other filesets validate okay.

ANR1812E DELETE FILESPACE VMFULL failed because replication


ANR1812E DELETE FILESPACE VMFULL failed because replication


Decommed VMs fail to auto-delete during expiration because replication is happening. In an ideal world, there would be enough system resources to perform DB Backup in 2 hours, expiration in 2 hours, and replication in 4-8 hours. In this environment, replication overlaps a lot of other processes, and can get in the way. 

ANR1812E DELETE FILESPACE VMFULL-SOMENODENAME for node failed deletion because of a replication in progress. (SESSION: 123456)



Identify the server


Cancel replication


Identify the filespace


Find the node that owns the filespace.
NODE_NAME       Type     FILESPACE_NAME          FSID   Files   Phys MB   Logical MB
VM_DATACENTER    Bkup     \VMFULL-SOMENODENAME 4   53084         –    6,782,908


Delete the filespace on both local and replica:


Monitor Progress until complete
NODE_NAME       Type     FILESPACE_NAME          FSID   Files   Phys MB   Logical MB
VM_DATACENTER     Bkup     \VMFULL-SOMENODENAME      4   50848         –    6,469,955

Protect: TSM>q act search=ANR1812E
03/07/21   23:14:23      ANR2017I Administrator ADMIN issued command: QUERY ACTLOG search=ANR1812E  (SESSION: 438180)

Protect: TSM>q proc
Process      Process Description          Job Id     Process Status                                   
——–     ——————–     ———-     ————————————————-
     395     DELETE FILESPACE                        Deleting file space \VMFULL-SOMENODENAME
                                                      (fsId=4) (which can include backup and archive
                                                      data) for node VM_DATACENTER    : 0 objects deleted,
                                                      0 objects retained, and 0 objects skipped.

Protect: TSM>TSM2: q proc
ANR1699I Resolved TSM2 to 1 server(s) – issuing command Q PROC against server(s).
ANR1687I Output for command ‘Q PROC’ issued against server TSM2 follows:
Process      Process Description          Job Id     Process Status                                   
——–     ——————–     ———-     ————————————————-
   5,756     DELETE FILESPACE                        Deleting file space \VMFULL-SOMENODENAME
                                                      (fsId=4) (which can include backup and archive
                                                      data) for node VM_DATACENTER: 0 objects deleted,
                                                      0 objects retained, and 0 objects skipped.
ANR1688I Output for command ‘Q PROC’ issued against server TSM2 completed.
ANR1694I Server TSM2 received the request to process command ‘Q PROC’.
ANR1697I Command ‘Q PROC’ processed by 1 server(s):  1 successful, 0 with warnings, and 0 with errors.



Replicate Node, a normal operation, creates locks on any filespace to be processed.

The long-term resolution would be to have enough system resources to not have to overlap daily operations processes.

The benchmark set by IBM for this would be the ability to complete BACKUP DB in 2 hours.  This environment take 8-12 hours for most servers.

ANR2568E Request for node (node) to start schedule (name) at (date) is denied.


ANR2568E Request for node (node) to start schedule (name) at (date) is denied.



This happens when two or more schedulers are connecting as the same node.  One node starts work on a schedule, and the others are denied.




Check the client node for two or more “dsmcad” and “dsmc sched” processes with the same (or no) config file listed.

Kill the oldest duplicates.


If no duplicates are on the client, then search the activity log to see if this client is connecting with multiple IP addresses or hostnames.

If so, find out which client should not be running the scheduler, and kill them on that host.


This may require coordination with the UNIX team in cases of cluster failovers.

This may require investigation of start scripts in cases where the same client chronically has duplicates.



Typically, a human will restart a scheduler, but fail to kill the original.

Sometimes, a start/stop script on a host fails to stop the prior instance.

In some cases, multiple start scripts fire on system boot.


7-10 beavers

Found online, kind of a mockery of /r/niceguy. Author unk.

Women on here need to stop being 7-10 beavers in a trench coat

Look, we’ve talked red flags to death. Consent? Did it. Predatory doms? Addressed it. That one person who keeps fucking produce? Covered.

But the thing nobody on this site seems to have the balls to call out, so I guess I alone must, is women right at the end of the date laughing, opening their trenchcoat, turning into a mass of 7 to 10 beavers.

This shit is BULLSHIT ladies. And it’s not just me, many, many men on this site have found themselves in this situation and the Kink Community has been DEAD SILENT on it, except for the curious sound of gnawing and splashing.

Let me give you a few examples:

The first time it caught me by surprise- I was out on a date with a lovely young brunette. She didn’t talk a lot, and what she said was very rote, as though it was typed into a vocalization program on a cell phone.

I didn’t understand a lot, but I did understand the words “Home Depot” so we stopped for lunch at the hot dog cart, and then ordered 2000 dollars worth of lumber she really seemed to like. We loaded that into the truck of a daylaborer, who left with it for parts unknown then BOOM, that same old story we’ve all heard a million times at this point- she laughed, turned in 7-10 beavers and broke off for parts unknown.

Never even called me back.

The second time I was more prepared for it- I’d met what I ASSUMED to be a gorgeous redhead. I took her to a fancy French restaurant, Where I was mildly concerned when she ordered 20 salads and bit the waiter.

l ignored the red flags of course, chatting her up as she ate the wine corks one by one-then, right in the middle of dinner (as the Baked Alaska SHE ORDERED arrived,) of course there’s a roar of thunder from outside the building, and then pow- she turned into 7-10 beavers and just fucking scattered.

The third time was my fault actually- that was a real lady just she wanted to visit Hoover Dam and I got mad suspicious.

And on and on and on- Supermarket date? 7-10 beavers. Rowboat cruise of the river? 7-10 beavers. Las Vegas weekend with full penetrative sex? Step off that plane after and see what happens buddy cause I can assure you she’s gonna laugh, kick her heels off, and then turn into 7-10 beavers. You’re never getting that ring back, either.

Why do we have to put up with this? I realize it’s difficult to screen women for being 7-10 beavers in a trench coat, especially since I bought them all those burner phones, giving them the ability to create dozens upon dozens of accounts right from the comfort of their own dam systems.

However when these 7-10 beavers are verified you have to be mildly curious as to why they won’t take that trench coat off. That ID is made of bark, also, I’m telling you- you can tell because it doesn’t have the little hologram foil on it, and also is brown and the letters are carved it.

Like if it was just one or two or five to seven times I wouldn’t even sweat it- I’m not accusing all women of this – but let’s face it……. SOME percentage of the female population is 7-10 beavers and that’s really how it is.

Don’t start with me on how some men are 2-5 flamingos in a judges robe- yes, that happens, but not nearly as often as a woman turning into 7-10 beavers and you can vet for that- just don’t date any judges or pink men with three foot necks.

But ANYONE can wear a trenchcoat.

Anyway, don’t worry about me. It took a while, a lot of vetting and a LOT of patience, but I finally found a real one. She’s a Latin girl, with a kind voice and a beautiful trench coat and the moment I heard her name I fell HARD.

“Soyuna Castor, you’re one in a million.” I said. Then I clarified “ONE. Not seven to ten.” and she blushed and said nothing- just eating leaves from a trashbag and letting the moment be the moment…..

Anyway, tonight, when I’m proposing to her with a giant diamond and the reciept she requested to get it resized in case it’s too small, I’m going to look out from that fan boat right into her wetlands and say right out loud…

“Finally, the nightmare is over.”

Weird dream hiding

Dream, running around, trying the key fob at night in a sketchy hood. Can’t find the Lambo my roommate bought.

As the dream unfolds, I’m slinking around at night with a hitman gangster (broad shouldered, Italian muscle man) looking for my roommate because he STOLE the car, and a wireless access point, from some rich kingpin.

We’re peering through dead vines crowding a light pole, and climbing over crumbling fences with house demo trash trying to not be too visible to the choppers searching.

Too hot for both of us, so trying to gtfo. We go into his apt, looking fot his keys. His apt is an old Crab Shack, but they don’t sell crabs anymore, only pig lips and assholes.

Anyway, this guy can’t believe the roomie is impossible to find, but just wants out. Song plays like a Vegas show “I ain’t got no… GASOLIIIIIIINNNNNEEE”

Meanwhile, I’m pissed at the roommie, but this ass hole will never find him anyway. My roommate is me, just an alternate personality.

Keep your enemies close, eh?

Surgery Dream

This waking dream, I was performing heart surgery on someone with a redundant brachial artery. I used foreceps to clamp parallel to the aorta, and began dissecting from the patient’s left side. Two stitches, then reposition the foreceps to expose the middle third, repeat. The last third, I clamped the edge of the aorta already stitched to keep it flat.

Once done, the aorta was perfectly round, and had just a small axial incicision, with 6 stitches. In the dream, I researched making a stepped incision, but I didn’t like the pressure dynamics of how that could rupture.

In waking, a mesh or felt patch seems like it would be appropriate. I don’t know where the redundant artery went, and whether we were going to dissect it distally for removal, or just leave it and let it slowly resorb over time, or what…

I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream of performing medical procedures before, and I’ve not been watching related things on TV either.

Immortality and Feet Creek

I had a weird dream this morning where I was with an immortal guy, but he was so old, he forgot he was immortal. Business people burned down his big house, and he wandered out back in the moonlight to the water’s edge… Further down the shore were some stone ruins that were his house from when the peasants burned his home for him living too long… There was a short woman who helped guide us through time travel back to each stage in his life, until eventually learning about how he’d started as a wildling in these very woods. We were sitting at a table as she helped him remember. I told the 4th person there with us that I was hiding my feet in the leaves, because the moist clay was so cold.

Erica told me she was sorry she woke me up, but I advised I probably eould not have remembered or experienced the dream. I woke from the floor creaking under her feet, but I said “I woke from your feet creak.”

And for the last three hours, we have been talking about the majesty of Feet Creek, and how only the freshest feet will do. The freshest feet with bulbous heels are served, but the bony parts are gifted to the peasants to make feet stew. We are all grown from feet, and I was lucky to have been grown from the freshest feet. Feet are inexpensive here near Feet Creek, but people far away often struggle due to shipping delays. Instead of being moist, spongy, with soft cartillage, they are tough, dry and bony.


feet feet.


Introspection is important. There does not seem to be a “solution to self”, because we are not problems to be solved. We might HAVE problems that bother us, but WE are not those problems.

Over time, and with work and luck, we can give up some worries just enough to be casually okay with who we are, and how we experience life so that we are not constantly stuck in that worry.

Worry is not banished. We just carve a new desire path slightly away from the worry about worrying.

Worry helps us reassess (second guess), which has a valid purpose, but we don’t need to second guess the fact that we second guess things (worry about worrying).

Double-worry can lead to questioning our whether we are entitled to exist, or imagining judgement from others about our right to exist.

We don’t need to second guess whether we have a right to exist. We exist, and that’s all that matters.

Hopefully, we can all find some joy/love/bliss now and again, and can avoid stomping on others when we’re feeling unwanted.

Everyone is weird to someone

A lot of people have great, enriching experiences through scouts. I love that. A lot of life skills are available to be learned.

It’s not allways like that. Every great organization has flawed areas. I left scouts because my troupe fostered bullying of weirdos. I was and am a weirdo. Mostly, indifference, and lack of mentorship was the result.

What was supposed to be a pinnacle experience (Philmont was beautiful!) was met with disapproval, and bullying, and leadership punishing me for being upset, but not the bully.

Oh, I absolutely wanted to fit in. I’ve always been weird. Most people don’t care, and some support and encouraged me.

Yet, being odd attracts a lot of negative attention, whether it’s doing things wrong and causing hassle for people, or often just the dislike of “different”.

Not many people stand up to the negative groupthink. Even as an adult, it burns through social credit, mine and others’, just to exist.

Most people don’t want to be the one that others have to defend, or who is constantly in conflict, or the one who always has to step in. People want simplicity.

Everyone is compelled to be a way, and it’s so much nicer when our default self fits. When you don’t fit, it’s an itch, a distraction, a weight.

If you are upset, reassess your part in that. Obviously, if you are harmed, get safe, and feel the feels. But if you simply don’t like how someone is, don’t attack them. Don’t lie about them. Don’t punish them for not being what you expext.

When you see someone doing that, don’t be shellshocked. Forget being intimidated. Join the underdog, and tell the bully to back off.

No escalation, or retaliation. No defending return attacks. If there’s an authority structure, make sure they know, and that no retaliation happens.

And then, everyone moves on. Conflict happens, and as long as it’s not recurrent abuse of power, let it go.

But if it is a recurrent abuse enabled by strength, position, wealth, etc, then be willing to join in with your voice to balance the scales and stop the opportunities from being available.

We get into problems of trust systems here though. Politics is the interaction of two or more people, especially as it applies to trusted information, interpretation, and emotional interactions.

Power is never fully balanced. There is never just one side. Not everyone can escape or flourish.

Just, don’t be the one who harms others, no matter how justified your reasons.