Pride Month 2023

Pride month angers or scares a lot of “I’m not a bigot” people. It also pressures a lot of people who cannot be “out”, because of history, lack of safety, etc. My state is one of the ones trying to forcibly push everyone back into the closet through a lot of lies and propaganda. “Freedom for me, but not for thee.”

So, not just for the people who are safe and supported enough to publicly be themselves, but for all of you who cannot be, or were conditioned not to be, or those of you bulied for not being active enough, gay enough, too gay, confused, and everyone else with more to themselves than what the majority populations understand or want.

You are awesome, even the parts you hide, the parts you forget sometimes because of how good you’ve gotten at playing whatever part society defines for you.

You are loved, even if you don’t know it. Be proud of yourself. Be more caring, compassionate, and accepting of yourself (and others) than you have been treated. Be tolerant of mistakes or confusion, but not of willful mistreatment.

Give no quarter to those who say that being different in yourself is oppressive to their claims of control over how you express yourself, and who would promulgate lies to convince others to oppress you.

Be strong in defense of those being oppressed, even if it’s only you being oppressed. You are as important as the people you love and care about. Do not give in to hate. Do not let it control you from others nor from yourself. Ask for help from others who carry love and acceptance with them. We are stronger together.

No one knows you like you know yourself, maybe even you don’t know all of yourself. But there are people who know enough of what it is to be like some of your pieces to find a little home for part of your heart. May you find more of those people this month to be a part of your personal community.

I’m sure there is more to say, and better, more concise ways to say it. I’m not an orator. I’m just someone with love to give. It’s not enough, but the love is yours if you want it.

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