Failed a class because I could not get my lines for an Ozeri production of Romeo and Juliette.

I was scrambling to find a hardcopy, or PDF. Instructor was not helping. Others in the production said I did not need the lines. I angrily said I knew NO lines and only had a hour left to study them.

I was finishing looking through a pile of books on a cart when the production was over. Everyone was disapponted because I my part was skipped. Josh E. was there, helping clean up.

Somehow, I transitioned to cleaning a messy commercialspace with incomplete floors, piles of supplies. I really needed to just hire someone to do the flooring. This was my home.

I had to warn the kids and a couple of their friends to stay back. I had spilled dilute sulfuric acid. Somehow, I was naked and had to keep rinsing everytime I spilled.

I found a bag of bicarb to sprinkle around, but as I was almost done, I realized it was ground coffee instead. Too late to worry about staining the carpet.

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