FreedomPop is dead

They have always seemed sketchy, but last year they worked.

In September, they disabled a lot of accounts. I try to use the device and all it does is redirect me to an i
portant notice. I follow the link to a 404.

If I log in and go to Contact Us, it redirects to the forums. The forums are full of people calling for admin help because they are disabled.

Meanwhile, we’re all still billed for our monthly account cost ($1 in my case for 500mb, and a $5.34 credit balance).

I cannot even comment or post now, because log- in with my account works, and then puts me back in the forums not logged in. Registering takes admin response.

So, basically, over 2 years I have paid $120 for 500MB of Sprint 4G data.

When I get home, I’ll report to my bank and get $2 back, and see if I can cancel my account with FreedomPop.

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