2014-05-28 ZOOOOMMMMM

Sharon split off as a second, faster-paced ride. There were 5 at the start. Beverly rolled a little late, and I rolled about a minute late. I sprinted and didn’t catch them until crossing Belt Line on Royal. The intermediate/advanced group was first, then 2 cars, then Sharon’s group of 6, then 2 cars, then me. I struggled up the hill, and passed 2 ladies to catch up to the front 4: Sharon, Andy, Karl, and Beverly. That’s when Beverly began lagging back, and once we got to the turn-off in the warehouse district, the 3 ladies were nowhere to be found. We waited, and it looked like they joined the no-drop group, so we rode on.

That pause, and we never caught up with the intermediate group. The rest of the ride was pretty much the same average speed, a hard push for me. There were a couple spots where I had to brake, but mostly, there was no coasting. We usually kept at least 90 watts into the pedals.

I’m REALLY proud of my average speed for this distance. This is pretty much a new record for me, even if I don’t break any real metric records.

Distance: 27.78 mi
Calories: 1,622 C

Time: 1:37:00
Moving Time: 1:36:36
Elapsed Time: 1:49:34

Avg Speed: 17.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 17.3 mph
Max Speed: 33.6 mph

Elevation Gain: 866 ft
Elevation Loss: 863 ft
Min Elevation: 536 ft
Max Elevation: 684 ft

Avg HR: 149 bpm
Max HR: 180 bpm

Avg Power: 281 W
Max Power: 1,291 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 315 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 83 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 118 rpm

Avg Temperature: 75.5 °F
Min Temperature: 72.4 °F
Max Temperature: 81.4 °F


77.5 Rider’s Height (inches)
38.6 Rider’s Age (years)
28.1 Cyclist’s Body Fat (Percent)
260 Cyclist’s Weight (lbs)
33 Bike’s Weight (lbs)
17.2 Average Speed (mph)
27.78 Miles Traveled
866 Total Ascent
1.615 Hours (calculated)
1622 Food Energy in kCalories ( Net work 385.2 kCal or 0.447987 KWH or 1527.574 BTU )
277.4 Average Watts

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