2014-02-19 Windy PM Ride

Puttering around with Sharon, Norm, Felipe, Mark, and Glenn.
It was more of a social ride, but I couldn’t hear for the wind.
When we picked up the pace, biggest spread was 1/4 mile.

Distance: 21.84 mi
Calories: 1,133 C (adjusted down from 1187)

Time: 1:29:51
Moving Time: 1:28:43
Elapsed Time: 1:52:01

Was hoping for over 15mph, but this is probably better.
I have 130km to ride this Saturday. MOAR REST!
Avg Speed: 14.6 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 14.8 mph
Max Speed: 33.1 mph

Round trip loop, so I averaged these for power calcs.
Elevation Gain: 272 ft
Elevation Loss: 354 ft
Min Elevation: 711 ft
Max Elevation: 824 ft

Adjusted down from sensor error.
Avg HR: 148 bpm
Max HR: 187 bpm

Adjusted for wind and calories.
Avg Power: 243 W
Max Power: 1,277 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 374 W

I need to fix the hard-coded wind in my calculator.
Figured out Strava’s calculation issue:
They assume zero wind.

Max cadence adjusted down from sensor error.
Avg Bike Cadence: 77 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 116 rpm

(Temps adjusted down 10F due to Garmin defect)
Avg Temperature: 60.4 °F
Min Temperature: 59.8 °F
Max Temperature: 61.6 °F


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