I rode 70 miles today, but a chunk of it (6.64 miles from mile 30.7 to 37.3) was lost due to forgetting to pull the GPS out of my pocket. At least Runkeeper realized I didn’t teleport across Ponder, and it filled in most of the extra miles for me. It also let me edit the route to fix the telelport. RK also calculated my intermediary speeds reasonably. yAy RK!

The others did not accommodate me in this regard, and this deficiency makes me feel like Lemongrab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcfkEA2INMw

Also, I pretty much bonked out after Krum. The last 20 miles sucked. Some of it was the horrible headwind, and some of it was just burning quadriceps (specifically the vastus lateralus) and a right hamstring (specifically the semimembranosus muscle) that was trying to cramp. Lastly, MY BUTT WAS SORE!

All of these numbers are twiddled for better accuracy, but no specific site has all of the info correctly.

Distance: 69.54 mi (Adjusted on Runkeeper)
Calories: 4,737 C (Adjusted for wind and missed miles)

Time: 5:54:29 (Adjusted)
Moving Time: 4:45:29 (Adjusted)
Elapsed Time: 5:51:42 (Looks right)

Avg Speed: 11.8 mph (Calculated)
Avg Moving Speed: 14.8 mph (Missing miles 31-37)
Max Speed: 29.5 mph (Correct)

Elevation Gain: 1,919 ft (RK Adjusted)
Elevation Loss: 1,786 ft (Extrapolated, but should match Gain).
Min Elevation: 356 ft
Max Elevation: 713 ft

Avg HR: 158 bpm
Max HR: 189 bpm (Set off the alarm twice on one hill)

Avg Power: 130 W (Missing miles 31-37)
Max Power: 1,062 W (Missing miles 31-37)
Max Avg Power (20 min): 183 W (Missing miles 31-37)

Avg Bike Cadence: 76 rpm (Missing miles 31-37)
Max Bike Cadence: 108 rpm (Missing miles 31-37 and trimmed by Strava to exclude the 258 that the garmin picks up)

Avg Temperature: 70.8 °F (Missing miles 31-37. The wind was cold, but there was some sun. Don’t know that it ever got to 80.6F for real. Probably picked this up while I was idle in the sun)
Min Temperature: 62.6 °F
Max Temperature: 80.6 °F

http://runkeeper.com/user/xaminmo/activity/268304335 (WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER)

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