Recovery From A Deleted /dev Directory in AIX

This is from AIXMIND, on March 26, 2010 2:46 pm
It doesn’t show up high enough in search queries, so I’m duplicating it here.
Note that AIX recreates most of /dev on boot, but we need a certain amount.

Problem(Abstract): The /dev directory was accidentally deleted.
Symptom: System wont boot
Environment: AIX 5.3 (and others)
Resolving the problem

Boot system into maintenance mode.
Access a root volume group before mounting filesystems

mount /dev/hd4 /mnt
mount /dev/hd2 /mnt/usr
mknod /mnt/dev/hd1 b 10 8
mknod /mnt/dev/hd2 b 10 5
mknod /mnt/dev/hd3 b 10 7
mknod /mnt/dev/hd4 b 10 4
mknod /mnt/dev/hd5 b 10 1
mknod /mnt/dev/hd6 b 10 2
mknod /mnt/dev/hd8 b 10 3
mknod /mnt/dev/hd9var b 10 6
umount /mnt/usr
umount /mnt
shutdown -Fr



Best version:
Fair version:
Text version:

Josh-D. S. Davis
426 Moran Dr., Highland Village, TX 75077 | 682-429-3040 |

Seeking contract work through my existing employer's direct and channel
partners for challenging architecture and implementation projects.

Present Employment
Aug 05 - pres	ConvergeOne, LLC (formerly Itrus Technologies, Inc.)	Egan, MN
		Data Center Migration Consultant (Pre + Arch + Delivery)
		POWER, AIX, Linux, PowerVM, WPAR, PowerHA, GPFS
		Brocade, Tape, NPIV, iSCSI, SVC, V7000, VMAX, NetApp
		ADSM / TSM / Spectrum Protect, Sysback, NIM, ReaR

1988 - pres	OmniTech Industries (formerly J&D PC Services)
		Proprietor, Consumer service, support, and web hosting.

Past Employment
Oct 09 - Apr 17	Aerovalley Flying Club				     Roanoke, TX
		Vice President, technical, research, contracts, disputes.

Mar 98 - Aug 05	IBM Global Services			   Roanoke / Coppell, TX
		 Jun 02 - Staff Software Engineer - PSSP, LPAR, HACMP, SAN
		 Jun 00 - Software Engineer - ADSM / TSM
		 Mar 98 - Software Analyst - AIX Tape, Sysback

Jun 96 - Mar 98	Nationwide Internet (formerly DFW Internet)	  Fort Worth, TX
		Network Operations - managed staff of 4 specialists
		Sun Solaris 1.1, 2.5, 2.6, Disk Suite RAID
		Cisco 7200, Livingston, Ascend, Lucent, US Robotics
		BGP, OSPF, RIP, T-1, DS-3, Frame Relay, ISDN, POTS
		Intertel Axxent PBX system

Jun 95 - Jun 96	The Internet Store, Inc.			     Bedford, TX
		Corporate Administrator - Network, Linux, Windows
		Ascend (Lucent/Avaya) routers, ethernet switching
		Sales, service, support TCP for DOS, Win 3.1, Win 9x

Jan 95 - Jun 95	CompUSA, Inc., System Assembly, Repair, Sales	   Arlington, TX

Mar 94 - Jan 95	Computer City (Tandy Corp) Upgrade Techn, Sales	   Arlington, TX

Winter 94	Domino's Pizza (Mi De Pizza) Cashier, Food Prep	   Arlington, TX

Summer 93	Beacon Health Options (VO, VBH, PHC Las Colinas)     Coppell, TX
		Provider Relations Assistant - Data Entry, NeXT BSD UNIX
Summer 92	Shelter Corporation, Job-Site assist, GTE center      Dallas, TX

Childhood	Double D Remodeling, Assistant to superintendent   Arlington, TX

Technical Certification
24 Mar, 2017 	Technical Sales - Power Systems POWER8 Enterprise V2
16 Nov, 2016 	Deployment Professional - Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1
16 Nov, 2016 	Technical Sales - Power Systems POWER8 Scale-out V1
27 Mar, 2014 	Solution Advisor - Tivoli Storage Solutions V3
27 Mar, 2014 	Deployment Professional - Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3
27 Mar, 2014 	Specialist - Midrange Storage Technical Support V3
30 Mar, 2012 	Administrator - Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2
30 Mar, 2012 	Deployment Professional - Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2
31 Aug, 2009 	Tivoli Storage Solution Sales Professional v2 (M191)
24 Apr, 2009 	Deployment Professional - Tivoli Storage Manager V5.5
24 Apr, 2009 	Specialist - Power Systems Technical Support AIX / Linux
14 Nov, 2006 	Deployment Professional - Tivoli Storage Manager V5.3
14 Nov, 2006 	Storage Administrator - Tivoli Storage Manager V5
14 Nov, 2006 	IBM Certified AIX 5L Advanced Technical Expert
14 Nov, 2006 	* Test 222: pSeries Admin & Support for AIX 5L V5.3
14 Nov, 2006 	* Test 180: pSeries Enterprise Tech Support AIX 5L V5.3
14 Nov, 2006 	* Test 236: AIX 5L Communications
13 Nov, 2006 	* Test 229: IBM System p Solution Sales V5.3
13 Nov, 2006 	* Test 062: IBM p5 Virtualization Tech Supt AIX V5.3
02 Sep, 2003 	Test 233: IBM AIX 5L Install, Backup and System Recovery
14 Oct, 2002 	Test 188: IBM RS/6000 SP and PSSP 3.1
14 Oct, 2002 	Test 195: IBM p690 Technical Support
14 Oct, 2002 	Test 199: IBM pSeries AIX 5L System Support
22 Jul, 2002 	IBM RDS Technical Vitality: DCE, PSSP & p690 LPAR
06 Aug, 2001 	IBM RDS Tecnical Vitality: Network Storage Manager
15 Sep, 2000 	Test 599: Tivoli Certified TSM 3.7 Implementation
15 Sep, 2000 	IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert - RS/6000 AIX V4
15 Sep, 2000 	* Test 164: IBM AIX v4.2 System Performance
23 Feb, 2000 	* Test 163: IBM AIX v4.2 Installation & System Recovery
23 Feb, 2000 	* Test 166: IBM AIX v4.2 Communications
02 Jan, 2000 	IBM RDS Technical Vitality: Adstar / ADSM / TSM
16 Oct, 1998 	Test 189: IBM Certified AIX System Support v4.3
31 Mar, 1998 	IBM RDS Technical Vitality: AIX Kernel / LVM
31 Mar, 1998 	IBM RDS Technical Vitality: SysBack / Tape

Formal Education
20 Sep, 2008 	FAA Private Pilot 3370518, Airplane, Single-Engine, Land
Oct-Nov, 2003 	IBM Redbook SG24-6978: High Performance Switch
10 Jan, 2002 	IBM WBT8000B: Defense Industry Initiative Corp Ethics
04 May, 2001 	IBM S6019: iSeries and AS/400 Sys Admin & Control
27 Apr, 2001 	IBM S6129: iSeries and AS/400 System Operator Workshop
30 Mar, 2001 	IBM CEZ1018B: AS/400 System Operator Workshop (CBT)
29 Sep, 2001 	IBM PII0001W: Corporate Security
03 Nov, 1998 	IBM LDT8205C: Manager Training - Diversity Awareness
31 Mar, 1998 	IBM RDS: ISO9000 & Local Procedures
1995 - 1996 	Tarrant County Junior College, Computer Science        Hurst, TX
Spring 1995	University of Texas at Arlington, CSE/BME	   Arlington, TX
May, 1994 	Arlington High School, AP Computer Science A & B   Arlington, TX
Sep, 1992	Texas Wesleyan University, 0.8CEU U,M,R PCs	  Fort Worth, TX

Semantics, with Max and Khai

K: Yay! Thank you dad!
M: What did he do?
K: he changed my lights to the bluish color
M: Hugh. Mine are still yellow.
K: it’s because I complained. If you whine, you don’t get anything, but if you complain, you do.

Greenhouse restaurant

Very tasty food, relaxed atmosphere, and our waitress, Andrea, is taking care of us well. It’s our “day before 12th anniversary” outing.

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More Google frustrations

Searching the iOS 5 map now pulls up sponsored links which often overlay what I am actually looking for.

I understand doing this on the free download app, but the old OS version should not do this.

I guess I should update… The TomTom iOS6 version has been pretty good for me other than missing some 6-month construction in 2 places, and searching sub-city regions works better for me.

On the flip side, TomTom regular data quality went downhill after version 9.

Other issues with Google have been their recent SSL policy changes, summary judgement to cancel my adwords account, automatic downloading of my ipad pics after plus app update, calendar monopoly without authenticated interop, and overall data monopoly while being advert driven rather than privacy/service driven.

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Disaster Recovery #hurricaneSandy

I’m not really able bodied to haul debris, but I do computer system and storage builds, new and post disaster. Mostly AIX and Linux, but some other skills too. How can I hook up with people and companies in the northeast to help them recover? Just need a dry spot with boxes, power, cooling, access, and a way there.