Joke: A well in the woods

I was walking through some woods and came across a clearing where there was a well.

I dropped some pebbles and then some rocks to try to figure out how deep it was, but I didn’t hear them hit the bottom.

So I looked for something bigger. I found a railroad tie. I struggled to get it to the well and then angled it on the edge to finally get it to slip down the well.
When it fell, I was listening to hear it hit the bottom. All the sudden a goat came running from the woods and jumped straight into the well.
I was so distracted that I didn’t hear anything hit the bottom…
As I was standing there trying to think through what happened, a guy came out of the woods and asked me if I’d seen his goat.
I said, a goat just came running out of the woods and jumped down this well!!

He said, that couldn’t have been his… His was tied to a railroad tie.