2013-08-25 Greenbelt Trail

I had a long write-up, but FF and Strava conspired against me to eat it.

Forgot to get change, and the fee is $7. TXPWD is getting a $13 donation with my use fee.

I rode the Greenbelt trail from Hwy 380 up to FM428. From there, I got confused, and ended up on the horse trail which is brutal with no suspension. It sucked. Several hoof-traps, silt traps, spider web traps, and kamikazi crickets. So many spider webs. Also, poop everywhere!

Then, at about H8.5, AREA CLOSED! The trail was blocked by a quadrilateral of sawn trees, and a new-ish fence. Trying to get across to the hike/bike trail, I found an ancient bridge that wasn’t a bridge, and steep banks, but no way across. Doubled back, and took the hike/bike trail.

I wish I’d had wider tires and suspension, because the bike trail from FM428 to FM455 was a bit rough for 32mm tires. There is about 100 yards of paved surface on the bike/hike trail. It is mostly double-track crushed limestone, and wants for 50mm or wider tires, and front suspension. There is a sidewalk between Elm East and Elm West, and a spigot with vaguely potable water. SO SWEATY!

The ride was much more challenging/tiring than I’d expected, but it was fun to explore. I survived 27.6 miles with lots of stops. I did not go over 23.5mph. I also forgot to bring a towel. I’m glad we keep this MX blanket in the trunk. Very absorbant.

I’m still short 136 miles for August, so I need to get that this week. One of my favorite routes is now one-way, so maybe I’ll ride through Lantana to pick up some miles.

Distance: 27.59 mi
Calories: 1,964 C

Time: 2:23:36
Moving Time: 2:16:20
Elapsed Time: 3:23:18

Avg Speed: 11.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 12.1 mph
Max Speed: 23.3 mph

Elevation Gain: 938 ft
Elevation Loss: 912 ft
Min Elevation: 471 ft
Max Elevation: 635 ft


I brought back a metric tonne of limestone dust. Here are my wheels: Northshore-FM on the left, Greenbelt-Denton on the right.

About a third of the trails were fields like this:

At the FM455 Elm West access point, I saw a brown praying mantis checking me out:

An example of the tracks I made in the silty areas:

Here is the bridge behind the sign that says “Stay Off Bridge”:
You can’t even get to it anymore without climbing gear, and it’s pretty weak looking. Even the barricade and sign are falling into the creek.

Here is the Elm Fork between Lake Ray Roberts and Lewisville Lake:

Here is the AREA CLOSED barricade:
It’s about 5 miles from the trailhead. The other side has been fenced off, but recently enough to still have a grass-free trail. But the barricade was felled by saws long enough for the sawdust to be gone.