Insurance and Purchases

First insurance check arrived. Can’t print lender forms to get it endorsed because printer died the rest of the way today.

Ordered a new printer, but their “get it today” on the order page turned into “get it tomorrow” in email. *sigh*. This is not covered by insurance nor warranty, sadly.

Ordered new grill, just a propane cart with 4 burners, and submitted cost to insurance for replacement cost supplement. Downgrade from our cabinet style, but I’m not going to complain. The old one was getting near end of life anyway. This one is the same size/guts, though I’m sure there will be some fastener and wheel issues eventually.

Ordered seat planks for my bench, and submitted the replacement costs to insurance. Picked Cherry, which may seem weird for outdoor, but Cherry, Walnut, and Cedar are the only USFS highly resistant boards available from Home Depot. Walnut was too expensive, and cedar is a little soft for a 4-foot span and my heavy butt. Pine is not resistant, thermo-poplar is brittle, composite decking is too flexy, and pressure treated would need rip sawn as well as painting vs sealing.

Ordered a gas powered pressure washer, because my electric one died 10 days ago. I’ll use this to finish stripping the back porch, though I want to have the open deck area sanded before repainting. This is not covered by insurance at all, but kind of needed.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up some spar urethane and a couple cedar planks to use on the other bench which was not covered by insurance (old, no hail damage). Well, maybe tomorrow. I’m running behind on all the work things, and tomorrow is gym day.

Also, tomorrow, check 2 shows up. If the printer shows up in the morning, I can send both off to the insurance company for endorsement and return. Once back, I can deposit, and then re-issue to my roofer to begin work.

SO MUCH MONEY SPENT TODAY! That’s all of my fallback spare cash. My emergency buffer is really not that big, only about a month before I have to pull from uncomfortable places. (Not my butt!)

Max’s Bike

So, I picked up a decent used bike as an upgrade for Max (he is taller now). It’s pretty nice: 7-speed cassette, 3 speed chainring, mountain bike 26″ wheels, flat aluminum bar, etc.

But there were no tubes. So, new tubes. Oops, there were too many thorns to remove from the tires… oh, and one tire was split… oh2, the front tire smelled like dead fish.

So I got new tires… and OMG, both tires have casting defects that make them oblong. WTF? *sigh*

So, I pull the box back out of recycling and stuffed it between the new bike and a table so I could pack them up and return them.

Unfortunately, this box was wide and flat, so it was cut up and turned into some sort of project while I was at work. *sigh2*

I’ve ordered some Schwinn tires that look hopeful, and have a road/trail tread that looks smooth but grippy, and wraps around part way down the sidewall. I plan to use the box they came in to ship the bad tires back, though the replacement tires won’t arrive until 2 days after Max’s b-day. *sigh3*

Well, at least he gets to have D&D with some friends over the weekend, and we hit up Great Wolf Lodge next week.

UPDATE: The Schwinn tires have a kevlar bead, so they’re rolled/folded up in a smaller box. EEK! I’ll never get to return these!