Shorter ride

The humidity was tough. Density altitude for Denton was around 3000′ today. Just enough to make everything burn. That, and Sharon was pushing full steam ahead.

On the flip side, 2 of our riders needed to SAG back early, so we didn’t go to Krum. Sharon, Karl and Becky probably got 65 miles, and I got around 48 miles.

I tried to push at max sustainable pace from Orchid Hill to home. That was around 272 watts, which matches my estimated FTP (functional threshold power), an a little higher than my NP (normalized power).

Shorter ride

Funny, the route map looks like a big lasso.
128 Tough Suffer Score
46 Points in the red
227W Weighted Avg Power
2,107kJ Total Work
218 Training Load
83% Intensity
9 personal records
8th overall “Bev’s to Fry Street”

Distance: 48.50 mi
Calories: 2,567 C

Time: 2:52:20
Moving Time: 2:51:46
Elapsed Time: 3:52:14

Avg Speed: 16.9 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 16.9 mph
Max Speed: 33.5 mph

Elevation Gain: 2,034 ft
Elevation Loss: 2,083 ft
Min Elevation: 503 ft
Max Elevation: 759 ft

Avg HR: 144 bpm
Max HR: 176 bpm

Avg Power: 209 W
Max Power: 963 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 229 W
Normalized Power (NP): 255 W
Intensity Factor (IF): 0.928
Training Stress Score (TSS): 245.9
FTP Setting: 275 W
Work: 2,157 kJ

Avg Bike Cadence: 81 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 118 rpm

Avg Temperature: 75.6 °F
Min Temperature: 71.6 °F
Max Temperature: 86.0 °F
Weather: 70°, 0 mph N wind, Humidity 83%

Sat Krum Ride Plans

Riding HV, Argyle, Ponder, Krum, Denton, HV tomorrow morning. Water stops in Ponder and Krum. Food stop at Cartwright’s Ranch House.

I’m not certain about riders and winds, but I’m expecting to average 16mph on the way up, and 13.5mph on the way down.

I guess I should re-connect my front derailleur. :)

2014-01-25 Ponder

Sharon, Mark, Ruth, Theresa, Donna, Steve, and I rode to Ponder.

There is no way my HR was 239. This was probably when I adjusted the strap. I did alert 4 times for going over 189. I peak at 191.

Edited temps again, as usual. Garmin says this is a feature.

Distance: 44.68 mi
Time: 3:05:28
Avg Speed: 14.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,480 ft
Calories: 3,113 C
Avg Temperature: 63.8 °F
Time: 3:05:28
Moving Time: 3:03:42
Elapsed Time: 5:09:53
Avg Speed: 14.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 14.6 mph
Max Speed: 32.9 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,480 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,509 ft
Min Elevation: 535 ft
Max Elevation: 756 ft
Heart Rate
Avg HR: 157 bpm
Max HR: 191 bpm
Zones% of Maxbpm
Avg Power: 128 W
Max Power: 1,297 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 145 W
Avg Bike Cadence: 76 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 117 rpm
Avg Temperature: 63.8 °F
Min Temperature: 56.2 °F
Max Temperature: 74.2 °F

2014-01-20 Sharon’s Ranchman

Group ride out to the Ponder steakhouse. Good company. Sharon, Jim Fitzgerald, Kathy and Jim Burmeister, Mark Solow, Josh Davis (me), Theresa, and one other lady who’s name I’ve not memorized.

Everyone got the Coconut pie except for me. This is what the coconut pie looks like at Ranchman’s:

Kathy gave me a bite and it was really tasty. I should have ordered my own slice and suffered the overfull belly. It had shredded coconut in the pudding-like filling. Though, I learned that if it’s a pie without a top crust, it’s a tart. If it’s a tart with a merengue top, what is that? I dunno. The lunch special was Chicken Fried Steak, with the lunch portion only 4oz, which was exactly the perfect size. Normal half-size is 6oz, which was a little much last time.

On the way back, the train stopped and blocked us, but it was only half a mile to the next crossing.

Theresa and the other lady have full group pictures at the train tracks, but we didn’t otherwise think to get a group picture. OOps!

Kathy was riding a borrowed CrossCheck. Great bike, but either the indexing was off a little, the chain was acting up (never lubed), or the return spring on the 105 was failing (also not lubed).

But, she was sold on road geometry, and now that her husband will be able to ride with us more, she’ll need her own bike. :)

By the end, Sharon was just warmed up, and we were all worn out. It was a hard push on Chinn Chapel RD. It was a really good ride.

Distance: 48.77 mi
Calories: 2,951 C

Time: 3:25:39
Moving Time: 3:23:32
Elapsed Time: 5:19:37

Avg Speed: 14.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 14.4 mph
Max Speed: 37.2 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,982 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,978 ft
Min Elevation: 313 ft
Max Elevation: 810 ft

Avg HR: 145 bpm
Max HR: 183 bpm

Avg Power: 124 W
Max Power: 904 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 145 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 69 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 115 rpm

Avg Temperature: 65.5 °F
Min Temperature: 52.6 °F
Max Temperature: 72.4 °F

2013-11-29 HV Ponder Steakhouse RT

Planned to meet the TX Flyers for 9:30am Downing to Ponder Steakhouse, but I was too late leaving home to make it in time. I went direct and stopped at a couple waypoints and never found the group. I’m guessing either A) it was too cold for their start, B) too few showed up for the start, or C) they decided to go somewhere else. Whichever way, I had a good solo ride and tasty Chicken Fried Steak, Baked Potato, and Fried Green Tomatoes. I also explored the Ponder school complex, as it’s right next to the Ranchman Cafe. Return trip was the exact same route. I thought the hills were one-way, but they were mid-route humps. Also, I forgot about the headwind on the return! AAAHHHGG. I know, boring, but I don’t know the area really well, and it made it easier to not get lost. Heart wasn’t pounding, so I guess I was listening too much to the muscle-blerch and not enough to my pulse, though I feel pretty worn out. I did get 6 personal records through Argyle and Copper Canyon. More than 50% of my steak was leftover, and being cold out, it kept nicely during the ride home. It made a tasty post-ride meal.

Distance: 44.38 mi
Calories: 2,309 C

Time: 3:03:09
Moving Time: 3:00:58
Elapsed Time: 5:05:20

Avg Speed: 14.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 14.7 mph
Max Speed: 31.8 mph
Slower than I wanted, but faster than I thought. I should have pushed harder. Note that the first mile had no HR data because the electrodes were too dry.

Elevation Gain: 2,070 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,555 ft
Min Elevation: 24 ft
Max Elevation: 747 ft
Start of ride didn’t calibrate elevation properly. Starting elevation should have been in the 530ft range. It was only after power off and restart that it was correct. I didn’t fly up out of a hole in the ground. Not sure if that means 500 feet of this are false, or if it just started me at the new elevation.

Avg HR: 124 bpm
Max HR: 181 bpm
Z1 Endurance < 112 1:12:26 39% Z2 Moderate 112 - 148 51:25 28% Z3 Tempo 148 - 166 54:30 29% Z4 Threshold 166 - 184 8:25 5% Z5 Anaerobic > 184 0s 0%
Suffer Score 89 (it felt like more, but maybe not drinking very much was a factor).
Suffer Score looks like ((Z2hours + Z3hours) * 33) + (Z4hours + Z5hours) * 100), though maybe each zone has a different multiplier.

Avg Power: 136 W
Max Power: 1,149 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 175 W
Wow, I spent 3 minutes over 500 watts power output. Would be nice to have a real power meter so I could see actual power (estimated power doesn’t factor in wind).

Avg Bike Cadence: 77 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 101 rpm
As usual, the cadence sensor spikes when I leave the left pedal up coasting. It says 256RPM, which is UNPOSSIBLE. Even Strava couldn’t filter this one out.

Avg Temperature: 60.4 °F
Min Temperature: 50.0 °F
Max Temperature: 75.2 °F
Temps are reported 18 degrees F higher than reality. I would say it’s the sun, but that shouldn’t matter with 20-30mph wind. The wind should cool (or warm) it to within a degree or so of ambient (unless I were travelling fast enough for atmospheric friction based heating, which I was not).