Dream of The Arts

I don’t remember much, but it was fairly early in the morning. We were at a play, at a school auditorium, which had been an evening gala. Piles of clothes lined up around the dressing and rest rooms. Several friends were playing roles, on a whim. It was sort of like live auditions, in front of a live audience. Several people were drunk from an evening of partying.

I was heading out, and navigating stacks if clothes with a 2-wheel hand truck, through the door, through what I thought was a restroom. Fun jibes with a guy on the way out. I was pooped. Then… I was outside.

And as I walked away, I saw her. She had been inside, in a red dress, with frills. Here, jeans, a white and baby blue striped shirt, and the best curls I’ve ever seen. We’d talked inside, but not much. Time jumped. because she had been in line to go on stage when I left.

Someone was trying to pick a verbal fight with her, so I walked with her, put my arm across her back, and told her to just ignore them.

She was tall, had a kind, pretty, uncertain face. Light brown, dark tan.. but with freckles. I REALLY loved her hair. All 1″ curls, even on top.

Slight Spanish accent, but mostly neutral US. We chatted, and were both kind of swooning. “Would you really be interested in dating a mean girl?” “Maybe.”

Some quips and we found the we lived close, and would try to have no expectations, but were both besmitten. We were late 20s, healthy, I was lean, and we were excited.

After waking, I still have the feeling. I miss her, and she’s an imaginary amalgamation of a comedian, my spouse, and others.

The dream before had something to do with international calls, and trying to solve something.

My brain

Like to figure things out.  Am never fast, but in single contexts can maintain large amount of state.

Team of resources to help with workload and bouncing ideas, but I mostly like to do my own thing, or dole out independent chunks to others.  

Have high expectations, but TRY to be fair in balancing and shuffling bits to the right people.

Hate training people, and cannot write training.  Can answer questions, research, demonstrate, etc.

Particularly good at finding problems, especially with workflow or tech procedure gaps, but also in unexpected setup and use cases.

Am fine repeating complex tasks until the procedures are refined, but loathe to do repeated simple tasks.

Have decades of experience with AIX system recovery, virtualization, IBM storage, DebIan Linux, mdadm, etc.  Pretty crippled without google or my own build docs to deal with syntax.

Can code in BASH/ksh a bit, and have been proficient in PERL and Object Pascal.  Am not an efficient programmer, so I let most of it fade.

Run Windows desktop (98/2k/xp/7).  Not too content with Mac, Linux or AIX desktop, but can make due.

Too little workload, and I will eplore the intranet, or find some OSS toy, or maybe become a short term expert in something random (pilot, soap, cycling so far).

Too much workload, and I shut down.  Priorities shift, and my work output drops.  Worst with high context shifting, or consistent lack of respect (false justifications, or overt hostility).

Like a lot of flexibility in my schedule.  Some travel is okay. Work from home is great.

Not religious, and not athiest.  Sm my own thing.  Happy to talk politics, religion, etc unless logic is walled out.

Verbose, but I try to simplify emails when I have time.  Often have to talk through something iteratively to figure out what to do.  Mental filtering is some strange, magical thing.

Sometimes have no idea what emotional or other context exists.  Can iterate through and try to define, but not always intuit.

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