Thoughtful responses

Taking a step bak emotionally can help ensure responses are in-line with personal ideals. In-person, it can be very difficult not to be caught up in the moment. It’s okay to walk away, and to reserve your response for later or never. Despite goading, that is STRONG, not weak.

Being hurt or upset does not mean there was unkindness. There is a delicate dance with mutual intent, and mutual reactions. It’s why love and respect are so important.

Some hard truths may take a bit of argument until context helps those truths make sense. Don’t give up your truth just to be agreeable, but don’t attack people who don’t share your understanding or limitations.

Intent is the difference between disagreement and attack. Make sure you are not the attacker, even if you must defend.

We do not always have to defend. Often, we can smile, and let the wordsroll off of us. This person will walk away, and the result of winning vs losing will not matter. How you reacted or did not will matter the most.

This is really more an exploration and reminder for myself, but if it helps anyone else, enjoy!

What is Evil?

What is evil? It’s not some force, roaming the land. It is a dark spot inside each of us. It’s an absence of love.

Be a better person. Don’t take joy in someone else suffering for their faults. Protect yourself, and those who are unable to protect themselves, and fill the rest of your heart with love and compassion.

Yes, we all get angry, frustrated, and generally are all horrible on the inside sometimes. That’s okay, but it’s not okay to wallow in it. It’s our responsibility to interrupt those feelings, and try to remember better ones. Try to be in a way that creates those better ones.