2014-08-25 IBC new route

recovery ride. left gps at home. Used phone. Garmin is imported from the Strava TCX export, missing laps and pauses.

Power data is broken, with more drops than connections.
Not sure why, if that’s a Stages BTLE issue, or if my phone couldn’t catch the data from my back pocket.

Also, no HRM data because I only had an ANT+ strap.

My right shoulder is in pain, and very sore from HH100. I had a massage today which helped my legs a bunch, but my shoulder is from a pinch/abrasion in my neck. Low back is sore too. Need more stretching. I haven’t taken NSAIDs yet, because that reduces rebuild based growth/improvements. Maybe tomorrow.

Not sure if I’ll ride Tuesday.

2014-08-25 IBC new route


21.5mi Distance
1:27:03 Moving Time
467ft Elevation

94W Weighted Avg Power
66kJ Total Work
20 Training Load
38% Intensity

Data Avg Max
Speed 14.8mi/h 55.3mi/h
Cadence 53 97
Power 13W 643W
Calories 73
Elapsed Time 1:42:10

Heart Rate Zones
No data, but it was pretty slow/low speed

Zone Distribution
NOTE: There are a huge number of signal drops here, so the Z1 data is overinflated.
Z1 Active Recovery 1 – 134 W 1:13:23 96%
Z2 Endurance 135 – 183 W 1:02 1%
Z3 Tempo 184 – 220 W 31s 1%
Z4 Threshold 221 – 257 W 17s 0%
Z5 VO2Max 258 – 294 W 16s 0%
Z6 Anaerobic 295 – 367 W 25s 1%
Z7 Neuromuscular 368+ W 39s 1%
Based on an FTP of 245.

Distance: 21.48 mi
Time: 1:27:10
Avg Speed: 14.8 mph
Elevation Gain: 551 ft
Calories: 1,573 C
Avg Temperature: 97.0 °F

Time: 1:27:10
Moving Time: 1:28:45
Elapsed Time: 1:42:10
Avg Speed: 14.8 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 14.5 mph
Max Speed: 28.0 mph

Elevation Gain: 551 ft
Elevation Loss: 560 ft
Min Elevation: 430 ft
Max Elevation: 577 ft

Heart Rate
ESTIMATED from RPE – did not have HRM strap
Avg HR: 108 bpm
Max HR: 145 bpm

Avg Power: 94 W
Max Power: 643 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 53 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 97 rpm

97° Feels like 97°
7 mph ESE wind
Humidity 35%
Source: KDFW

Additional Information
Device: Unknown,
Elevation Corrections: Enabled
Power Average Calculations: Use Zeros
Summary Data: Edited

Cycle sensor batteries

Today, the black-bike started auto-pausing and ate lots of my track. I played with sensor alignment, but realized it was a failing battery.

At home, the multimeter showed 3.065v for that one’s original battery, and 3.05V for the white bike’s once-replaced battery.

I can’t remember when I changed the batteries last. My internet searching indicates that I failed to post about it. In theory, I should get 1.4 years or 500 hours. The best I can tell, I’m getting 400 miles or so.

I replaced them both with fresh, 3.30v CR2032 cells. Unfortunately, these were bulk batteries, and I actually threw several away as being faulty in storage.

I may also need to adjust the wheel magnet, so I can be spaced a little closer, but I’m using monster magnets which trip the sensor from 2″ away.

I thought I might be leaving the magnets such that they intermittently trip the sensor when not in use, but maybe not. The HRM (heart rate monitor) sensor has been replaced, and is down to 3.01v. For good measure, I replaced it with a new 3.31v cell. I think I got 65 hours out of the last one, but it was in the 2.7 volt range when I was losing signal from it. Obviously, it’s much closer to the cycle computer than the speed/cadence sensor.

Anyway, there’s not an easy reminder system for battery replacements, so I’m going to set up a reminder to swap all of the batteries every 5 months.

That’s a little too often, but it’s much better than getting into a ride and having half of the track missing because it keeps auto-pausing.