2013-09-07 Moose Ride

Ride was great. Met up with Sharon Haney’s group at the AMC HV. From there, we rode up to Lake Dallas to meet with Mark Solow’s group. From there, we rode up to the Smiling Moose Deli in Denton (Hickory St.). Ride was about 22.5 miles for me from home, and about 15-17 in, I started feeling a hump in my ride. I thought it was a spoke, but Kathy pointed out that it looked pretty wonky. I checked it out, and the bead was separating from the tire. Maybe sand got in there. Not sure. Either way, I needed a new tire. Charlie Haney was pulling SAG support, and he gave me a lift over to Bullseye Bike Shop. Picked up a Vittoria Randonneur for MSRP, about 30% over Amazon price which is good for an LBS. Plus, they let me use tire levers and a floor pump. Then, back to the moose because I left my helmet. Oops! By that time, the fast group was already pretty far down the trail, so Charlie took me back down to the the Lake Dallas meet where he was picking up another bike. I rode out to Corinth St to meet the group and test the tire, and then finished the ride back. I lost about 7 miles off of what I was hoping, but it was still a great ride. My average moving speed was 15mph, and average overall was 14.3 I’m really proud of that, and excited by how much group dynamics push me to ride faster. I’m modelling much of my push and coast on Sharon, who’s a couple of levels beyond me in ability, but everyone out there has something I can learn from.

ps, On the first half, I still had some juice, though the heat of the second half really started slowing me down. I didn’t get enough ice in my hydro pack during the food stop. Even so, I stayed in the front of the pack the whole time.

Distance: 35.18 mi
Calories: 2,862 C

Time: 2:27:20
Moving Time: 2:21:09
Elapsed Time: 5:11:55

Avg Speed: 14.3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 15.0 mph
Max Speed: 30.2 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,184 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,325 ft
Min Elevation: 494 ft
Max Elevation: 720 ft

Avg Power: 130 W
Max Power: 675 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 170 W

Avg Temperature: 85.0 °F
Min Temperature: 76.0 °F
Max Temperature: 94.0 °F


Bike, Spine, etc

My bike still isn’t in service, and neither is my spine.
I’m not taking alieve or valerian today, but there’s no way I could do hills or a hard trail.

Final tally of damage on my bike:
* 3 sprockets on my freewheel – DNP is replacing this. Probably will be okay, but I realized I got the 11-32 and wanted the 11-34.
* Busted links on my chain – Amazon replaced this for me, but I think the new chain will fail too. I did pick up some missing link spares so I could reassemble any broken links on the ride. I may have to pick up an SRAM 951 chain. It’s build/design is what I’d expect. KMC and Shimano in the 9-speed sizes are dimpled and when the pin pulls, it just fails permanently. Still, $25 for a chain. ouch.
* Bent axle – second time I’ve noticed this, but the only time it was major. I had to use my brass, machinist hammer to bend it back down before I could remove the freewheel.
* Freewheel thread shoulder – It’s not a flush/flat fit, so the freewheel overtightened to the point of actually rolling back part of the hub shoulder. This could lead to the entire freewheel thread shearing loose from the hub. Though there are enough locknuts to keep the wheel from falling off, I’d have to walk the bike back if that happened. The alternative is to switch to a freehub, which has a better bearing placement, so I wouldn’t be as likely to break things. There are limited options for a 28″ or larger tire, but still using rim brakes. It looks like I can get a replacement wheel for about $60, or both as a set for about $100. The alternative would be upgrading to disc brakes too, which would be more cost still. Also, changing to a freehub means buying a sprocket cassette. My freewheel wouldn’t fit on it.
* My spine… it’s still only about 60%. I may be able to ride Thursday morning, or I may wait until the weekend.

When I visited the local bike shop, they could order the wheel for me for $100, just for the one. I did let them order replacement axles for me… it’s the same price as I can get online, or within a dollar or so. I test-rode a decent 20″ bike with 29″ wheels, front suspension, disc brakes, 3×8 transmission, and it was very smooth, very comfy. The brakes were wire pull, and didn’t grip as tightly as I’d hope. Overall though, the bike was good stuff, and seemed like it, or a 22″ version would be what I would want in an upgrade. BUT, this low-cost version was $600, and I’m still not sure what all I break on bikes. Still, the 3-speed front is nice, because it would keep my chain from jumping. I might basically end up with close to that much in my existing bike. *sigh*

gps and cucling

Try two of recording with my iphone 4 vs ipad mini fails. try 1 failed because my manual sync between devices broke permissions. try two failed necause the GPS decoder in the iphone4 sucks.

It says i flew hundreds of feet into the air, which i did not do this time. also, saving takes way longer (slower, single cor processor).

I need to buy a jailbroken 32g 4S from someone, preferrably unlocked, for not a huge amount of dollars.

Cycling and health

I am 258.2 pounds now, and 28.5% body fat. Not my lowest weight, but is lowest fat pct. I am dropping a pound and one percent fat per week from cycling. It’s relatively fun. We’ll see if every other day is maintainable, and if body metrics continue to improve.

More dad stuff

: is your dad okay?
: Welp… they expanded his diagnosis, and he’s going to be there for a while, and will need and I to pull his stuff from Tremont, including his financial info. He’ll go back there, but not for a couple of weeks.
: He has air in his bladder and a kidney. they believe it’s an intestinal fissure
: he has a mass in one kidney, and they may have to take that kidney, which would mean definitely dialysis every couple of days for life
: Because of all this, his gall-bladder surgery will not be laparoscopic… they’ll just do one open surgery
: so he’ll be in the hosp for 7-10 days after that, and it’ll be a month or two before he’s really recovered.
: is concerned about his difficulty in recovering from this large of a surgery what with his general health.