North DFW Group Saturday Rides

These are the summer times.
These usually move an hour later with the time change.
Join the clubs’ online forums (or facebooks where availble),
since sometimes ride leaders are ill, have other plans, etc.

Carrollton Cycling Club has two standing Saturday rides:
* Al has a 7:00am, 45-60 mile ride, at a challenging pace, starting from Coppell’s Andrew Brown Park – East.
* Valerie has an 8:00am, 38 mile ride at a moderate pace from the Carrollton Gazebo on Broadway, south of Belt Line, close to I-35E.

* Sharon has a pseudo-official group ride at 8:30am from Cadence Cyclery at a C-group pace. If newbies show up, it’s a 10-mile loop. Otherwise, the regulars tend to ride 30-70 miles around 15mph average, with a food stop on the way back in.

Texas Flyers (Flower Mound) also has two Saturday rides:
* TX Flyers has a 7:30am, intermediate ride at 16-18mph from from Downing Middle School on Waketon and Bridlewood.
* TX Flyers has a 9:00am social ride at 15-17mph from Downing. Usually meets the first ride at Cachette.

Corinth Cycling has three Saturday rides:
* 7:00am ride which includes a C/B ride, an A ride, and a race team, departing Crownover Middle School.

Shawnee Trail Cycling Club (Frisco) has several rides:
* STCC has Novice, D, C, B and A, plus RBM’s rides in different places in Frisco starting at 7:30, 8:00 and 9:00.

Peach Pedal 2014

Group ride in Weatherford, 61 miles from weatherford HS.

The first 20 miles went by REALLY fast. Lots of downhill. Several patches of sketchy gravel and silt by a bridge. Immediately following were tens of riders on race-weight tires, side of the road, replacing tubes. I’m thinking the 40 second saved by a fit, lean, low-weight rider using lighter tires is negated by spending 3-5 minutes replacing a tire.

Rest stops at 20,30,40 and 48 miles. Gatorade, water, pickle juice, pickles, cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies, bananas, oranges, and peaches were available, as well as shade, and a water hose. 400 volunteers in all and it was very much appreciated. So amazing. Really well supported.

Becky and I were off the front for a while. We paused at 20mi, but the crowd came, so we bolted. At 30, we loaded up on food and drinks. At 40, we stopped because I forgot to pee at 30. Snacks and more fluids, and off we go. We saw Sharon zoom by. She was hanging off the wheel of some of the Dallas Cowboys, and wasn’t looking back. We tried to catch up, but no joy. Becky got a 10 second lead on me, and it took me a couple miles to catch up. No way we were catching Sharon.

Through a few sections, a lady passed. Very good looking from all angles. Strong rider, neon jersey. Tried to keep up with her, but she was more of an 18+ rider than me. The only reason we were around eachother as much was because I had a shorter rest stop than her. I hung off her wheel for a few miles, but she laid into a climb and disappeared.

Near the end, the shorter routes merged into ours for a unified final run. Some really tired, or sketchy riders mixed in there, and a couple of collisions here or there. A few SAG trucks hauled off people who had non-fixable mechanical issues, and we did see one ambulance backtracking. Didn’t see any injuries, but I did see one stout and tall fellow standing over his bike, telling himself he would be fine. I didn’t see any injuries, red face, etc. so I kept rolling. Lots of support vehicles, police, etc around, so if he decided he wasn’t going to be okay, help was nearby.

Becky’s new phrase is “Suck it up, buttercup!” and she called that out at the end as she sprinted past me for the last 2 miles.

The Skratch HyperHydration mix REALLY helped a bunch, as did having so much ice in my pack. For 61 miles, it took 3.75 hours. Really good performance, and I attribute it to having so many better riders around me that I would forgetfully try to follow.

After the ride, the ladies really liked the Cryo booth, but I was just happy to have a shower after. No towel, but I made due. So nice to rinse and cool off.

I had a few little donkeys (burritos!) from Rosa’s Cafe, and some peaches, and lots of additional fluids. Tried some “homemade peach ice cream.” Well, it was home-made (ice crystals), and had some peach flavor, but I was hoping for something a little stronger, and/or a little smoother. Actually, a touch of vanilla would have rounded out the flavor nicely. Not bad, I just had too high expectations for the price (about $1 per ounce).

After heading out, Sharon’s crew checked out from their hotel, and went directly to the Parker County Peach Festival. Karl and I went to The Pizza Place and tried the Hamburger pizza first. The hamburger meat is actual, earl, not from a bag, so the flavor is much better. Small crumbles, quite tasty. 2 kinds of cheese. Crust is actually crusty. I wish I’d gotten bacon and double toppings on it, and had put the parm/oregano on it. Even so, it was very good, and Roger(?), the owner, was nice. I’d definitely eat there again.

The Peach Festival was okay, but by the time we got there, it was SO HOT. A few grouchies, and a few silly people, and a Matrix style lady in red passed by a couple of times. Aside from that, the peach cobbler was always sold out, but the peach julep was tasty. Most everything was busy, but we just all melted into death puddles, so it was time to go.

Travel there took me just over an hour (5:17 to 6:23am), and travel back was right at 1.5 hours (had to take 377 due to I35W traffic). All unpacked and glad to be home. Am a little caffeinated from mile 48 “6-hour energy” and the soft drinks I had with lunch, so I cleaned the kitchen after explaining every little detail to Erica, who was very patient with my rambles. We also need to have a date, just because, so that is to be planned. Probably Monday night or Tuesday day, since that’s payday.

Distance: 61.34 mi
Time: 3:30:25
Avg Speed: 17.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 2,298 ft
Calories: 3,051 C
Avg Temperature: 85.8 °F

Time: 3:30:25
Moving Time: 3:30:09
Elapsed Time: 4:02:02
Avg Speed: 17.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 17.5 mph
Max Speed: 36.9 mph

Elevation Gain: 2,298 ft
Elevation Loss: 2,305 ft
Min Elevation: 728 ft
Max Elevation: 1,083 ft

Avg HR: 152 bpm
Max HR: 177 bpm

Avg Power: 219 W
Max Power: 957 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 246 W
Normalized Power (NP): 259 W
Intensity Factor (IF): 0.908
Training Stress Score (TSS): 287.5
FTP Setting: 285 W
Work: 2,759 kJ

Avg Bike Cadence: 83 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 117 rpm

Avg Temperature: 85.8 °F
Min Temperature: 73.4 °F
Max Temperature: 98.6 °F

2014-04-21 CCC IBC ride

IBC ride, cut a little short by the clouds.  Pretty slow pace most of the time, but a little attack at the end.

222 avg watts and 1029 kcal.

Training Peaks:
Total Time: 1:25:41
Moving Time: 1:19:33
Distance: 18.98 mi
hrTSS: 65 (0.66)
Pa:HR 6.87%
Gain: 427 ft
Loss: – 449 ft
Grade: -0.0 %
VAM: 98
VAM W/Kg: 0.5

Min Avg Max
Speed (mph): 1 14.3 24.8
Pace (min/mi): 59:05 04:11 02:25
HR (bpm): 81 140 187
Cadence (rpm): 1 81 122
Elev (ft): 469 543 600
Temp (F): <81 84 88

Peak Speed
2 sec 24.8 mph
5 sec 24.7 mph
10 sec 24.5 mph
12 sec 24.5 mph
20 sec 24.3 mph
30 sec 24 mph
1:00 min 22.1 mph
2:00 min 19.8 mph
5:00 min 18 mph
6:00 min 17.7 mph
10:00 min 16.6 mph
12:00 min 15.7 mph
20:00 min 15.3 mph
30:00 min 15.1 mph
01:00 h 14.9 mph

Garmin Info
Power info from Strava was actually pretty close, within 10%, so I’m using those numbers.
Cadence error at 181 peak – unk real peak as I was spinning pretty well. Probably close to 122.
Temps were all over due to a front moving in. Subbing out the usual 10F for Garmin magic.

Distance: 18.98 mi
Calories: 1,089 C

Time: 1:19:33
Moving Time: 1:19:12
Elapsed Time: 1:25:44

Avg Speed: 14.3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 14.4 mph
Max Speed: 24.8 mph

Elevation Gain: 373 ft
Elevation Loss: 400 ft
Min Elevation: 469 ft
Max Elevation: 600 ft

Avg HR: 140 bpm
Max HR: 187 bpm

Avg Power: 208 W
Max Power: 1,222 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 237 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 81 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 122 rpm

Avg Temperature: 74.2 °F
Min Temperature: 70.6 °F
Max Temperature: 77.8 °F

2014-01-11 Cartwright Ride

Flower Mound to Highland Village to Lantana up HillTop to Hickory to Elm for lunch at Cartwright’s. Most of us met up at the AMC Highland Village. Longest ride was about 45 miles. Mine was about 36. We had a mix of riders and a few extra stops, but overall not too many mechanicals and no lost riders. Food at the restaurant was good, and the route was fun. Was a good workout for me, since I’ve been pretty lazy over this winter break. I’m happy for the warmer weather, but I know my plants are going to suffer through the thaw/freeze cycles.

Anyway, on with the stats.

Distance: 35.98 mi
Calories: 2,193 C

Time: 2:44:25
Moving Time: 2:40:49
Elapsed Time: 5:19:24

Avg Speed: 13.1 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 13.4 mph
Max Speed: 31.0 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,302 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,293 ft
Min Elevation: 532 ft
Max Elevation: 697 ft

Avg HR: 137 bpm
Max HR: 184 bpm

Avg Power: 122 W
Max Power: 1,125 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 114 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 67 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 104 rpm

Avg Temperature: 58.9 °F
Min Temperature: 47.2 °F
Max Temperature: 72.4 °F

2013-12-04 Argyle Lunch Ride

Ride from Pilot Knoll park to Cachette, 144 Old Town Blvd, Argyle, TX by way of Hickory Hill Rd in Copper Canyon. Lunch, then ride back, and then I rode the rest of the way home. Co-conspirators were Phil, about on par with me, and Will, for his 4th ride out. Lunch was sandwiches, coffee, and lots of water. Lots of stops and pauses to keep the group together, get photos, gab, etc. Was a very fun ride.

Distance: 19.87 mi
Calories: 1,341 C

Time: 1:31:00
Moving Time: 1:29:43
Elapsed Time: 3:19:46

Avg Speed: 13.1 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 13.3 mph
Max Speed: 34.0 mph

Elevation Gain: 804 ft
Elevation Loss: 758 ft
Min Elevation: 572 ft
Max Elevation: 785 ft

Avg HR: 142 bpm
Max HR: 181 bpm
Z1 Endurance < 112 2:57 3% Z2 Moderate 112 - 148 54:42 59% Z3 Tempo 148 - 166 24:11 26% Z4 Threshold 166 - 184 10:34 11% Z5 Anaerobic > 184 0s 0%
Points in the red: 17 (Z4+Z5 hours * 100)
Suffer Score: 58 ((Z2+Z3 hours * 33) + Red Points)

Avg Power: 121 W
Max Power: 1,275 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 140 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 62 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 127 rpm

Avg Temperature: 82.9 °F
Min Temperature: 78.8 °F
Max Temperature: 89.6 °F