Dream in a castle

I was in a medaeval village, maybe in a computer game, not sure. I had a German Shepherd as a familiar. We were trying to help protect the village from an evil sorcerer. No one could help us, because everyone was busy preparing to defend the castle.

The inside of the castle walls had multiple levels that spiraled down from the ridge to the courtyard, plus below. There were wooden awnings, and so many people. The dog and I were working our way down to the bottom floor. Somewhere along the way, a friend encouraged my dog to climb into her shirt from the top. Strange, but snuggly. Everyone was either preparing weapons, making food, supplies, etc. She was making bedrolls for people.

When we got tho the bottom, the only people available to help were Dolph Lundgren, Jamie Foxx, and several other big name actors who were in a group of 8, kind of a glamor shot going on, one level below the courtyard. Dolph comes up to me like an old bud and exclaims “CRASHY JOSH! What’s up, man?” I couldn’t tell if this had to do with something like cart crashes, or computer crashes.

Apparently, we had a legal agreement that we couldn’t drag people off for other quests/raiding parties. We had to just do whatever was right there. So I was about to join them in whatever it was they were doing, when I woke up.

There was tapping outside, and a utility pipe truck is doing stuff outside. It’s always waking up from weird sounds that make the best dreams.

Ur Quan Masters

sent me this URL http://sc2.sourceforge.net

Yes folks, Star Control II open sourced.

Basically, the game was developed by Toys For Bob and published by Activision. Everyone likes the game, so it became open source. They LOST the PC source code, but still have the 3DO source code, so have been porting that to PC. Aparently, the 3d0 version has better aspect ratios and more features, so it’s generally accepted as `a good thing`.

0.1 alpha is released in source, and precompiled for Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS and Win32 architectures. Plans for MacOS 10 and other SDL capable operating systems are in there too.

If 1.0 stable ever releases, they’ll consider branching the code for a multiplayer/network version.

Oh, and they own all of the game, except the name `Star Control` so they can’t call it Star Control II, rather it’s `The Ur Quan Masters` which was the subtitle of the original game.

The End.

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