What is Evil?

What is evil? It’s not some force, roaming the land. It is a dark spot inside each of us. It’s an absence of love.

Be a better person. Don’t take joy in someone else suffering for their faults. Protect yourself, and those who are unable to protect themselves, and fill the rest of your heart with love and compassion.

Yes, we all get angry, frustrated, and generally are all horrible on the inside sometimes. That’s okay, but it’s not okay to wallow in it. It’s our responsibility to interrupt those feelings, and try to remember better ones. Try to be in a way that creates those better ones.

Stupid me.

Called verizon, instant answer.

`I see 120-130kb/sec outbound on your line.`

I powered off EB’s system and my virtual system and the problem went away.

I’d had massive lag trying to nfsmount, and it didn’t really register. I think the problem might have been maintenance mode linux was trying to go to the default router for the nfs mount. *sigh*


Why is is that `Do not search from the address bar` keeps magically getting turned off?

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