This is what SEEMS to make the most sense for me. No *way* is easy, but this seems the least hard.

Energy Plans:

  • Defer first meal until actually hungry (9:30a-12:30p for me)
  • Keep each meal before 3:30pm around 12% of my daily intake.
  • Eat before I get ravenous (around every 2 hours).
  • Try to keep a reserve of about 25% of my calories for the evening.
  • Don’t be TOO aggressive (20% deficit is okay, but 40% is not).


  • Keep extra servings away from my plate/bowl.
  • Split up snack/mini-meals when I’m not hungry.
  • Stay busy (yay computer!)
  • You have to exercise, because your body will reduce your BMR to keep from losing fat reserves.
  • Hungries are worse the day AFTER exercise, so save your calories for tomorrow.


  • Lots of broths, leaves, fresh veggies to add bulk, and fill in when I’m STILL HUNGRY!
  • Make sure I get the food groups and vitamins daily / weekly rather than every meal.
  • UMAMI: Your tongue creates Peptide YY it detects meat, glutamate, etc. Reduces hunger by 30% in the lab.
  • VITAMIN A: Hunger hormones are produced by fat cells. Empty fat cells do not get recycled without Vitamin A.
  • VITAMIN D: Vitamin D is blocked by Vitamin A, and is deficient for many indorsy people.
  • CALCIUM: Requires Vitamin D to be absorbed. Prevents brittle bones.

Some days will be better than others. Don’t give up. Keep tinkering.