More dad stuff

: is your dad okay?
: Welp… they expanded his diagnosis, and he’s going to be there for a while, and will need and I to pull his stuff from Tremont, including his financial info. He’ll go back there, but not for a couple of weeks.
: He has air in his bladder and a kidney. they believe it’s an intestinal fissure
: he has a mass in one kidney, and they may have to take that kidney, which would mean definitely dialysis every couple of days for life
: Because of all this, his gall-bladder surgery will not be laparoscopic… they’ll just do one open surgery
: so he’ll be in the hosp for 7-10 days after that, and it’ll be a month or two before he’s really recovered.
: is concerned about his difficulty in recovering from this large of a surgery what with his general health.


Dad seems to be getting more lucid in hospital after a horrible start to the day
Hug from frazzled sister
Kisses from wifey erica
Day off and way cool instant understanding from boss.

Material presents:
1 plush ZIM doll
1 plush GIR-dog doll
1 set of Zim shoelaces
1 french press
1 espresso machine
3 4.5g scsi drives from Rachel/Mike
1 CD full of wierd al yankovich stuff from Justin/Bonnie
$100 from mom