Soapmaking Supplies

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==Safety Equipment==
* Safety goggles
* Rubber gloves
* Vinegar in a spray bottle

* – decent selection of chems/oils at decent prices. Minimum order charges.
* [ Essential Depot] – Best packaging for caustics. Very high quality essential oils.

==Precision Tools==
* [ Stainless Steel Clip for 5` Thermometers] – $5 shipped – good if you already have a thermometer, to hang it on the pot.
* [ CDN Digital Programmable Probe Thermometer] – $17.99 prime – I love this, though I can’t close the pot lid with it clipped.
* [ ColorpHast 9590-03 pH 0-14 Test Strips 100pk] – $15.46 prime – Accurate pH readings for the whole range.
* [ ColorpHast 9587-0001 pH 7.5-14 Test Strips 100pk] – $18.81 prime – Accurate pH readings for soapmaking range, but more expensive than the others.
* Gram Scale covered in plastic wrap
* Stainless spoon
* Silicone spatula

* [ Proctor-Silex 59738 Hand Blender] $15.39 Prime – This is a cheap stick-blender to get you started. 2 Speeds. 1 min on, 3 mins off. Plastic may suffer from lye.
* [ Cuisinart CSB-76 SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender] – $32.99 Prime – Has a stainless steel blade & guard. Also, 200watt motor..

* [ Stainless Steel, 8-quart double boiler] – $60.03 prime – Good for 4-8 pounds of oil (5-10 pounds of soap).
* [ T-fal A9099694 Stainless Steel 3-Quart Double Boiler] – $24.60 Prime – good for small batches (3 pounds oil)
* [ 10` Glass lid with metal rim and plastic handle] – $16.97 prime – Good for remelting or maintaining temperature

Alternatively, visit Target or Wal-Mart for a stainless double boiler with a glass lid.
* For hot-process soaping, plan your double-boiler size as 1 quart per pound of oil.
* For each pound of oil, expect 1.1 pint of oil and 0.4 pints for water, lye and additives.
* During hot process, expansion can be over 50%. More room means more time to notice. If you hover, then you can get by with less. If it starts to volcano, stop the blender and mix by hand.

* Approximately 17 grams per cubic inch (or 27 CuIn per LB)
* Polyethylene food trays and silicone bread molds work well.
* No teflon or aluminum
* Icing bag can come in handy for molding, or just use a spoon.
* Steel Wire on wodden handles, or Pastry Scraper for cutting soaps.
* Line hard molds with plastic, parchment, or cooking oil.
* [ Tube Mailer 3` X 24` Duck 1163120] – $7.88 prime – Cut in half for two 12` molds with locking plastic bottom cap. (Holds 6 pounds)
* [ Mailing Tubes with Caps, 3` x 12`, White, 25ct] – $34.45 shipped, case of tubes, 12` inside, plus 2 caps each. It doesn’t say, but a case is 25 (confirmed by dimensions).
* Visit your hardware store for 12` sections of 3` PVC pipe. Also, empty salt cans are about 3.05`, which work great. Oatmeal cans are about 4` which is okay for half-moons.
* [ 5x20x1.5mil Plastic Bags] – $33.98 shipped for 1000. Use as liners in 3` tube molds (some side wrinkles since circumference is 9.42`) and empty salt cans (snug fit).
* NOTE: You can use a 4` tube, but that’s pretty big. If you cut it in half, then half-moon soaps are pretty. Plastic bag liners will leave more crinkles in the soap, unless you can find 6.3` or 6.5` liners. In a pinch, you can use produce bags, but expect a lot of mess around the edges. I like parchment paper.
* [ Freshware 6-Cavity Silicone Mini Loaf Pan] – $10.77 prime – 6 bars at 4.6` X 2.5` X 1.2`. This would make 215g bars (~8 ounce), which is a pretty big bath bar. Great for guys, or you could cut them in half and use a peeler on the edges if you want a square face/hand bar.

* [ Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper with ruled edge] $9.06 prime – Good for scraping across top of mold, and for cutting loaves into bars.

* [ Fox Run Wood Cheese Slicer] – $13.45 prime, and it allows you to make consistent cuts. Beware that QC is low on something this cheap, so make sure you mark a perpendicular centerline with a T-Square, and mark your default cut lengths parallel to the slice wire.

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