NDMP TOC failure – datamover type incorrect

ANR4950E The server is unable to retrieve NDMP file history information while building table of contents for node NASNODE01, file space /SVM_NASNODE01_VIRTUALFS. NDMP node ID is 90156245149. Table of contents creation fails.

One possible cause of this can be if the datamover was defined with the wrong scope (TYPE).  
TYPE can be NAS, NASVSERVER, or NASCLUSTER.  NAS is for node context.  VSERVER is for SVM ccontext.  CLUSTER is for the whole cluster context.

NOTE: There are other possible causes, such as corrupt inodes, or other issues; however, this one bit me and was not clearly define anywhere else.

You cannot UPDATE DATAMOVER TYPE=blah, but you can simply DELETE DATAMOVER and DEFINE DATAMOVER to fix.

DEFINE datamover NASNODE01 type=nascluster dataformat=netappdump hla= user=NDMPADMIN password=PASSWORDHERE


trace disable
trace enable spi spid toc
trace begin /tmp/server.trc

Once tracing has been enabled, I would then like for you to initiate another backup of the /SVM_SBNAS01_OU_ABOD volume. When the backup completes/fails, you can then issue the following commands to disable tracing:

trace flush
trace end
trace disable

grep NDMP dsmffdc.log

NASNODE01::> node run -node SBNAS01-01
Type ‘exit’ or ‘Ctrl-D’ to return to the CLI
NASNODE01> rdfile /etc/log/backup

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