AIX and PowerHA levels

Research shows these dates for AIX:

  • AIX should come out around October, 2017 (est Week 46)   ### 7200-01-03-1720
  • AIX should come out around October, 2017 (est Week 46)   ### 7100-04-05-1720
  • AIX may come out around January, 2018 (est Week 5); however, it may be cancelled.   ### 7100-05-00-1731

It’s generally 26 weeks, plus or minus, from the initial YYWW date. Once a TLSP APARs releases, the YYWW code is be updated.

My PowerHA selection process would be:

  • 7.1.3 SP06 if I needed to deploy quickly, because I have build docs for that. However, it may be withdrawn from marketing in 2018.
  • 7.2.0 SP03 if they wanted longer support, but had time for me to work up the new procedures during the install.
  • 7.2.1 SP01 when it comes out, but not 7.2.1 base.

My AIX selection process would be:

  • for any NIM server or POWER9. Next updates should be Oct 2017.
  • or later for customer preference. Next updates should be Oct and Jan
  • Minimum level for application compatability. This is is the final TLSP.
  • For anything POWER6 or older, I push hard for p710 to p740 or s81x/s82x as replacements (cost).
  • For anything AIX 5.3 or older, I push hard for app testing on newer AIX (EoS).
    • PTF U866665.bff (bos.mp64. enables POWER8. AIX must be Must be patched before p8 (install nim or mksysb). p8 must be 840 firmware. VIO must be or later.
    • PTF U866665 requires an active extended support agreement AND p8 systems on file. No free access to biz partnets.

Code sources:

  • rpm.rte and yum ezinstall, then deploy tar, wget, and rsync:
  • openssh from the IBM Web Download expansion:
  • AIX security patches for any DMZ hosts;O=D
  • Base media, if I were certain the customer was entitled, but didn’t want to wait for them to provide media, Partnerworld SWAC:
  • Latest service pack for AIX from Fix Central:
  • Latest service pack for PowerHA from Fix Central:

Reference: PowerHA to AIX Support Matrix:

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