Dell PowerEdge SC 440

This thing is still chugging along. Some of the ones for work needed motherboard caps replaced.
Most of them lost 2 of the SATA ports.
All of them are on replacement power supplies.

Well, I couldn’t remember why I didn’t have a quad core in this one, and I tried a Q9550, 12MB, Quad 2.83GHz.
Intel server boards based on the 3000 series chipset support those.

I forgot the BIOS limitations. Anything with a 533, 800, or 1066MHz FSB is fine (65nm process), which tops out at the Q6700, 8MB, Quad 2.66GHz. Nothing 1333 nor 1600MHz (45nm process) will work.

Some of the Core2 Extreme chips work in there too, but really, they just run hotter, without much practical difference. Only a very small program running entirely in cache would benefit.

RAM is 533 or 667 MHz DDR2

Anyway, this post is so when I go googling again next time, I’ll find it.

The Optiplex 755 still supports add-in video, as does a T100, and works with the 1333MHz FSB chips, so when this finally dies, that’s what will go in there.

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