DLPAR requirements

Summary of DLPAR requirements

dLPAR Soft Requirements
   AIX 5.2 + APAR IY34493
      instfix -ik IY34493
   Firmware Oct 2002 or later (RH021025)
      lscfg -vp | grep -p Platform
   HMC r3v1 or later
      About HMC

dLPAR Hard requirements
   p630  mod 6C4 and 6E4
   p650  mod 6M2
   p655  Mod 651
   p670  mod 671
   p690  mod 681

dLPAR Limitations
   Afinity CPU/Memory cannot be moved
   Required resources cannot be removed
   Cannot shrink to less than 1/64th max memory
   Cannot grow past max memory (page table limitation)
   Profiles CAN be changed to get around some of this
   Restart required to get around max mem limit

   ping-test to/from partition/HMC must work
   ctrmc subsystem group must be running
   Network settings changed w/o restarting rmc
   must run cfgmgr to pick up new slots
   must run rmdev -Rl pciXX to release slots
      odmget -q name=cd0 CuDv | grep parent
      lsslot can find slots belonging to parent
      unmount may be required for filesystems
   gfx and usb adapters are not hotswappable

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