Omnitech DP server lives

10 days ago, the drive enclosure for the TSM server failed during a storm. The enclosure is an RSV-S5 from 2010. The PSU died, and seems to be a specialty part. The part costs $250. A newer version of the enclosure $180 from Sans Digital. This is a bulk data server, so a 4-pay box was fine. I picked up a Mediasonic Probox 4-bay JBOD with ESATA and USB3 ports. It’s a faster port multiplier, better functionality, and half the volume on the server shelf.

I still plan to migrate everything to Linux on Spectrum Protect 8, with container pools, and maybe use glacier for off-site storage. This is compounded by CrashPlan ditching their non-business plans, and never being able to sync anyway. I really need a better way to store off-site DR data. BOX for a critical chunk is okay. Google and Dropbox for active data is okay. But for an off-site DR pool, it would be too expensive to put into either of those. Plus, SP8 is chunk aware much better. I’d hate for a CDP product to revert a chunk, or be constantly out of sync.

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