Projection Spreadsheet

Here’s the spreadsheet (attached).  It’s not super sophisticated.

On “Projection”, yellow is projection, blue is confirmed from JHU, green is confirmed from some other agency such as the WHO, or a medical report that maybe didn’t make it into the stats in time that day. Coloring is all set manually.

I manually update the last three sheets by cut/paste from their GitHub project.  I created dynamic tables at the top of each of those three pages.

That is what I cut/paste into “Projection” (transpose/transform on paste).  I do it manually so I can copy down projections, and because that’s a bit complicated for my Excel skills.

As a day on “Projection” is updated, the calculation cells between confirmed and dead are manually copied down one row to replace the yellow/grey lines.  That way they reflect actual percentage changes rather than projections still.

The graphs just got updated to dynamic.  As columns are added to the tables on the last two sheets, it should update the chart, but I’ve not tested it yet.

UPDATED: SARS-COV-2_COVID-19_Projections_c

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