OmniTech.Net, “OmniTech Industries”, is a Dallas/Fort Worth area computer consulting since 1994, and on the web since 1996. Formerly known as J&D PC Services.  We no longer have a web-form for contact because it’s all spam, all the time.  You can contact jdavis at this domain via email.

If you were looking for someone else, then they might have been one of:

  Service   Location Company
  Training   Decatur, GA Omnitech Institute – A hands-on technical training company. Formerly
  DSL Internet   St. Louis, MO Omnitec Corporation – Networking and Open Source since 1995
  PC Sales   Rapid City, SD Omnitech, Inc – Flash, Web, & Sharepoint since 1998. Formerly in Idaho.
  Internet Host   Bloomfield, NE Omni-Tech, Inc. – Getzschman family internet service provider since 2000.
  Seamless Flooring   Aurora, CO OmniTech Industries, Inc. – Since 2010, but they claim 2014 and 1971.

There are also a large number of Omni Tech, LTD, OmniTech, LTD, OmniTech International, etc in Bangladesh, a few in China, the UK, etc. that do things from industrial production, home goods, quality control, etc. I’m too small to go send lawyer letters to anyone, and it’s hard to prove who was first. I have an old registration from from 1996, but I don’t have records from back when I was on dial-up at home, with a home-dir or geocities page, or things back in the BBS days. Basically, we all rarely bump into each other, but maybe one day I’ll just spell mine backwards like I did with my common username. -JD